Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Travel the World with your Pocket Guide using Mobile Travel Applications

mobile travel apps

Travelling across the world has never been easy before. The travel agents can seriously drill a huge hole in your pocket and rob of you off your hard earned cash. So why take unnecessary headaches?? Get rid of the undesired pains and make the world your oyster by deriving the benefits of well optimized and highly proficient mobile travel applications

Such applications can prove handy for both tourism industry and the tourists. All you need to do is to eliminate the middlemen or the travel agents who are like vultures waiting to feed on your scrapes.

But the question is how can both the parties stand to benefit from using the many mobile travel applications???

To answer the above question, it is important for us to venture into the many factors that contribute towards making such applications worthy enough for installation.

 All bookings from one platform- From ticket booking, hotel booking, car rentals, sightseeing, and insurance to travel related shopping, no need to access different portals for different requirements. All these services are met under this common platform. Also few apps help travelers at times when emergency occurs. Users, today, prefer a single platform that meets most of their queries.

   Good rebates- Customers have become smarter. The myriad options available with mobile technology today can also be a competitive factor for your business. Think wisely before offering discounts and rebates since customers prefer those sites that offer better bargains.

  Quick seamless transactions- With the advent of e-wallets and other online payment options connected with the e-commerce mobile apps, it has become all the more simple to complete transactions right in the application. So no need to waste your day in booking a train or visit different traveling agents to fix your tour and also make payment for the same that might include visiting the ATM or bank.

 Easy collaboration- Travel agencies’ mobile applications provide contact details for tour guides, hotels, vehicle owners and contact information on other modes of transportation, collaborating with almost every leading transportation service provider – air, rail, sea or land, thereby giving a one stop solution for the tourists to get all these details from a single platform.

 Real images and videos on listed destinations- The many travel mobile applications often display real images and even videos of the places to visit in the application to give a clear idea to the tourists so that they can make better decisions on choosing a holiday destination and form a clear idea of what they can expect to witness in that place.

    Profitable marketing tool- Today, mobile applications have emerged as the best promotional tool to market your business in exchange for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the organization. Also advertising the app is also crucial to make it available to all your prospective end viewers. Allow social media connectivity to draw information about your customer’s requirement such as finding out what they are planning for the next trip.

    Secured platform- Security is a major issue nowadays and with the rise in many cyber criminals often prevents us from sharing sensitive data such as bank details on any site. Tourism mobile apps keeps user security and safety in account to build a Travel Portal safe and secure for both clients and business owners, safeguarding all your and clients’ information and details.

Wrapping Up
The above points are clear enough to encourage you to build up such an application for your tourism business. From the customer's point of view as well, these mobile travel applications can actually cater to all your needs and requirements during your travel, offering a one stop solution and saving your wallet from the damaging middle agents.

Friday, 18 August 2017

WhatsApp Business Plan has Eyes to Capitalize the Budding Indian Market

The popular messenger is growing ambitious, developing new business strategies and exploring untouched venues. WhatsApp business plan is the latest strategy the company thought off to encash from the rising and budding Indian market.
It seems there is no halt to unfaltering growth of WhatsApp. What has emerged, initially, as a common platform for exchanging text messages, has gradually evolved into an aggregation of multiple applications, slowly intruding the social media platform. The already existing social messengers like Hike and Facebook felt the unperceivable challenge by its rising popularity which compelled Facebook to go for acquisition policy to beat off the threat posed by WhatsApp. Facebook made a whooping bargain of $ 19 Billion to the messenger in the year of 2014 and purchased it for good. Both, in turn, boosted the other in their annual turnouts.
The company, undoubtedly, has proved smart enough to keep its many users engaged and this new plan is just another example of a well thought out strategy. We are yet to witness How far this strategy will prove to be lucrative for the company??  
Facebook owned communication app had been tossing with the idea to optimize the money-making potentiality that the instant messaging platform already has for quite some time. Finally, the social messaging giant came up with the WhatsApp business solutions to be included into the application pretty soon and India will get to use this service first as soon as WhatsApp launches it sometime this year.
Allow me to give you a better understanding of WhatsApp business plan
India has proved to be a very profitable market for social media services like Facebook and recently for Facebook owned WhatsApp. Presently the instant messenger caters to nearly 200 million active users, connecting families and friends under its encompassing umbrella. It has constantly exerted efforts to find out and add new applications to keep the ever rising users satisfied and yearn for more.
In an attempt to make it more optimized, Facebook has decided to tap the money making potentiality Whatsapp’s business solutions have to offer.
This feature is quite different from that of Facebook at work.
This new ad on seek to benefit the millions of small merchants, neighborhood shop owners and doctors, already using this instant messenger, and are trying to connect with their potential consumers. The company will allow small business, brands, and enterprises to communicate with a wider consumer base, without spamming them. It is going to be a separate application that will entail sharing of targeted messages and videos.
This particular service will be first released in the Indian market. The rising young population of India has always been the choicest option for the company. Moreover the country has 35 million small and medium businesses, a huge sector for WhatsApp to monetize from and also prefer to leverage the budding market for their economic enhancement. Thus WhatsApp for business plan popped up keeping the budding Indian market in mind.
What is the future plan for WhatsApp??
If this idea gets clicked for Indian market, then it is highly likely, the WhatsApp enterprise solution will enter other markets such as Brazil and Indonesia.
Also, there are talks going around on possible digital payment option soon to be added to the messaging application as well.
Wrapping Up
You must not consider that WhatsApp’s business plan is a cover up to engage in monetizing via third party ads. Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, clearly stated, “We have this long-standing theme—no ads, no games, and no gimmicks,”
Neeraj Arora, head of business at WhatsApp, explained that, “If you are a small shop owner, and there is a bunch of people who buy from you, it will make communication easier,” 
Many business firms have already started utilizing this platform to improve their business communication with their key consumers. Examples:
  • A food delivery service, The Tiffin Carrier, in Assam, gets around 90% of its sales through the messaging app. Its founder Nayen Das pointed out that 80% of his conversations with clients are on WhatsApp.
  • Mukesh Patel, promoter of Gujarat-based solar power operator Sun Agro Systems, informed that he had been using WhatsApp for three years to stay in touch with dealers.
We do hope that WhatsApp’s business solutions for Indian market get clicked to befit the small enterprises.

What do you think about this new strategy adopted by WhatsApp??

Friday, 11 August 2017

8 Best Online Shopping apps in Dubai

My previous article was written on the best apps available to make your Dubai visit memorable for visitors to Dubai. Now I come here with another amazing list of shopping applications to make shopping as much indelible. Even though Dubai is known as Shopper’s paradise with its large number of malls and stores, but battling its humid weather can be gruesome and anywhere in the world online shopping’s pleasure can be demeaned.
Here’s the list of some top popular shopping applications of Dubai available on Android as well as Ios.


The application’s popularity cannot be refused anywhere in the world. The app has been the reason that Jeff Bezos became the richest man on the planet. Amazing offers, large variety of products, faster delivery options and amazing customer support has spurted the growth of Amazon from U.S. to the world.


Shopping for groceries is also equally important. But does anyone pay attention equally to an app? May be not. Also one can’t live without groceries. App signed up with the local stores to provide you groceries quick and fresh; get live updates and choose from multiple payment options. The app currently serves Dubai and plans to expand to Abu Dhabi too.


Underestimating the local boy would be absurd. UAE’s homegrown seller has a lot to offer. It offers products to the genre of daily, clothing, electronics goods, baby products, etc. The application has an easy and accessible interface. Faster check out options and integration with major banks of UAE to provide products on credit too. Started in 2005 the company is in competition with its parent organization, Amazon.


The Top application developers too understand that Dubai is a shopper’s destination. Perfectly catering to the needs of shopper is the motto of shopshopme. Making your experience a worthwhile the app brings you the best compared results of your search by compiling the search from hundreds of websites like Carrefour, Jadopado, etc. the filtering options of refining your search on the basis of price, material, brands and payments methods work to fulfill the customers’ expectations.


The application offers “free next day delivery” in the entire UAE. This app providing for fashion requirements of men, women and kids is working to earn its own land among other contenders. Personalizing your offers requirements and discussing your choice with your friends and family facility is offered by the app.


The app is all about mothers and mother think all about their babies. Products for mummies and babies requirements from birth to 12th of age are available on this site. Products from the local, regional and global sellers are available on the application to meet the needs. Bills worth 200 Dinar and above are delivered without any extra charges and delivered in the UAE within two to three business days.


Great offers are available on the next door and if you don’t know of them they aren’t any worthy. This app brings you the latest notifications on the offers given by the malls and top brands around you. Events, sales and promotions are all covered to save your big bucks on shopping. 15 malls are currently associated with the application and the app developer is getting others on board.


Wardrobe freaks you out? With the large chunk of unused and unworn clothes, accessories or shoes stashed in your wardrobe you are definitely screwed. Now getting rid of these unused items is easier with this app. Sheed helps you to sell your loved items with the snap of a picture. Private chats between traders, easy doorstep pickups and deliveries make experience livelier.
These apps are going to help you make your life easier especially in situations of shopping anxieties. Savings and offers are unlimited and priorities are yours.

Friday, 4 August 2017

WhatsApp Lags Behind Key Players in Messenger App Payment Domain

WhatsApp Messenger

This new ad on feature emerged not with much surprise. We stand to witness a time where roles and functions get juggled up. WhatsApp for business and WhatsApp digital payment services are few such examples we can cite here.
The World Wide Web is one big platform with myriad opportunities for the players to harness and optimize to their personal benefit. Mobile technology with its web space connectivity has come up as an extra topping for the key players, each fighting a cut throat battle to instantly grab on any rising occasion. Social media platform is one such lucrative topping drawing big companies to bank on the multiple options offered and to socialize with its huge consumer base, a new face of modern marketing. Online socialization is the ongoing trend. Users prefer to be more actively verbal in a social messenger app rather than indulging in any form of face-to-face conversation.
Recent times again witness a sudden change in the role of the many instant messenger applications. Facebook, Hike and Facebook owned WhatsApp are trying to render a more optimized role to the popular messenger platform extending it into messenger app payment domain and WhatsApp business solution.
However, the popular instant messenger is slightly diffident when it comes to new future updates and services. Though we have seen many new updates making their way into the messaging application pretty recently and it has already announced a possible plan to launch an extension catering to business firms sometime later this year. It somehow got left behind Facebook and Hike messenger in the e wallet messenger domain.
Allow me to brief you on the other key players that have successfully incorporated the messenger app payment option into their framework.
Let us begin our study with Hike messenger:
India centric mobile messaging service Hike took a major step to imitating the Chinese owned WeChat app introducing the messenger mobile payment service. Hike has struggled to withstand its grip over Indian market, continuously receiving threats from the ever popular WhatsApp instant messenger. This strategic move by Hike just proved that it has managed to beat the popular chat app in this sector. This step has kicked off with offering peer-to-peer and bank-to-bank payment options, the former being an in-app wallet and the latter emerged as a service backed by India’s government-supported UPI payment system. Another feature, ‘blue packet’ allows users to gift digital envelopes of cash for special occasions, like birthdays. Moreover, users have phone bills payment and recharge options, with Yes Bank stimulating such features.
Now let us have an understanding of Facebook’s new ad on payments within messenger feature.
The person-to-person messenger payment feature has first entered the market way back in the year of 2015, allowing users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through a click on the payments icon (the dollar sign). User can also request payments from the group right within their chat, an easy method to raise funds supporting any cause.
Gradually Facebook has expanded its digital payment service to its other messaging application, WhatsApp.
So what does WhatsApp digital payment services actually do??
Indian market is the first choice for Facebook owned WhatsApp to bring forth the many new app features such as the much talked about extended feature catering to small scale business needs that is about to enter the market in the near future. The founding fathers are searching ways to contribute to the PM’s vision for digitalizing India. E messenger wallet is that measured step undertaken towards the shared vision.
Facilitating payments via the instant messenger is the primary objective for WhatsApp.
The chat messenger is in conversation with Indian banks that includes State Bank of India to allow bank-to-bank transfers via UPI (Unified Payments Interface). It has also initiated discussions with National payments Corporation of India (NCPI) as per Economic Times report.
Wrapping Up
No doubt WhatsApp got late to venture out into the e transaction domain compared to its rival Hike yet it is not lagging way behind. The measured step undertaken is likely to give cold shivers to the already popular indigenous e wallets like Paytm and Mobiwik and stand to challenge Hike messenger’s move as well. Considering the wide user base, it is highly unlikely the rivals can withstand the growing popularity of the messenger, if at all, WhatsApp payment service managed to get attuned with its many fan followers.
Probably such strategic steps may have given rise to rumors that Paytm, in turn, is developing ambitious plans to emerge as an amalgamation of messenger and e wallet application pretty soon.

We are yet to witness who will finally win the rat race in the near future???

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Why Educational Apps are Goldmines for Developers and Students?

Learning can be fun and yes I mean it literally. Now, with the advent of Smartphone supported educational apps learning has become easier, accessible and interactive. Even the geeks are also going to have fun with phones. The app development market’s investments are expanding because of the huge revenue gains it offers as for iOS app developers.

Educational sector is itself a vast sea of opportunities. Applications development in education business has given birth to the term of e-learning or m-learning.
Developing educational apps has been the idea of origin of many startups as they provide services ranging from study materials, online lessons in form of videos, graphic oriented content, coaching centre’s integration and assignment helps.

Why to invest in Education Apps Development?
The sector is booming with analysts projecting the growth over 34%during 2014-19 with the penetration of online education in institutions. Phones are going to make the most of it since the current cell phone using population stands at 7 billion which is equal to one cell in each hand.
While the Smartphone holding youth (aged between 16 and 24) in U.K. figures at 85% which holds a great prosperity for the android educational apps developers. The U.S.A. accounts for the for the largest market share in the global education apps market. The region leans on online learning technology because of available infrastructure along with increasing adoption by North Americans and also the region is expected to surpass the US $7 billion mark in education through apps.

Successful App brings big bucks.
Age Of Learning, an educational startup, was given a berth among the billion $ valued club because of its highly-grossing popular app, ABCMouse. It became the top mobile app development company. The app raised $150 million and the startup valued a billion from Iconiq Capital, as per the information from TechCrunch. This clearly hints at the potential held by educational apps.

Apps edge over Institutes.
Educational apps have taken their grounds in a very small period and are here to last long. These apps offer the similar teaching experience as students may have at a coaching institute on the other hand the timings flexibility and home convenience offered by these are an edge over the institutes. Being not limited by time the child can enjoy studying to his mirth.

Apps working in education need to be well designed with constant updates to keep their users engaged. The short span of educational apps beginning has brought a lot of competition in the segment where established app developing firms are leading the market with a lot chances for startups to make a space of their own such as BYJU’s emergence. Where there’s a good idea, investors automatically follow.

Educational apps need not be just symbols.
An educational app need not always have calculus, science, history and all materialistic subjects. There are toddlers who are also in the fray to learn and compete very soon. There are developers too working in this field where they make interactive apps for kids which actually builds up the identification and relating knowledge in kids. Microsoft is one among the leading developers catering to all age groups. There are IOS App Developers too who are the beginners of app development

There are apps available against every student’s requirements and for each age group. Even though the market is flooded with educational apps there are apps which can be said as the best education app because the market has app meets the requirements of each student.