Friday, 12 January 2018

10 Cheapest to Expensive Home Robots of 2018

home robots

We all have heard about Sophia, the humanoid robot it is a global sensation now and even has a citizenship. The market got flooded with robot-like items with different specifications, shape, size, and functions. Let's check out some of the budget-friendly Home Robots.

1. DraWIn Mini

DraWIn Mini is a humanoid robot which can perform multiple motion-related tasks provided by its master through a mobile app development. It is 10.6 inches in height with a good collection of moves that creates a motion environment. The Robo is compatible with Arduino for exploration.
2. Jibo

Jibo is a social robot with voice recognization that can perform functions like set alarms for u, perform basic math, read news etc. It is a faceless robot with a weird structure like a cartoon which takes command through speech. Hey, Jibo is its opening command, it is filled with phrase commands and can dance for you as well.

3. Asus Zenbo
Zenbo is a robot announced by Asus kit is capable of being a companion to each family member, the engineers programmed it to provide assistance like babysit, entertain and home-related works. This home robot is totally human-friendly because it can understand spoken commands and take care of your minute things that you forget in your day to day life. It reminds you of your appointments and meetings.

Zenbo has 6GB RAM and 23MP camera to store the picture of its master in the memory and much more to recognize later.

4. HOVIS Eco Plus
HOVIS Eco Plus is an intelligent homeRobot capable of assisting from a beginner to an expert. This one has extensive electronics robot with gyro and accelerometer sensors with a 3D motion simulator. It is controlled by a remote so it means you can download the virtual remote application and get it to work on your Smartphone as well.

5. Robot Temi

Yossi Wolf, the CEO of the company that created Temi doesn't want to be called Temi a Robot because he believes the fiction is not what he built, his company has been building the robots for military purposes that can survive in any situation may it be sand or rocks, the robots are capable of surviving any environment. The same experience he wants to bring to everyone home with Temi, a Tablet on wheels who is your friend at home with no tantrums. The unique feature that temi bears are that it enables you to watch TV, listen to music and make video chat without actually holding the device in your hand because Temi can just take a walk with you.

6. Peeper
Peeper is developed by a Japenese Robotic Company Softbank and Peeper is already placed at different coffee places to interact with the customers for their order placement. It offers a fun set of speech program that lets the users place an order in a fun way.Peeper is capable of recognizing your speech, hear you and move around with you to accompany you.

7. NAO Evolution
NAO is another companion Humanoid robot that took engineers started working on it since 2006 and now they have sold about 10,000 of such robots worldwide. NAO is quite popular as it appeared in a dance performance alongside the choreographer imitating all the moves on the stage.

8. Robo Thespian
All the robots are seen so far didn't really match the fictional robot but Robo thespian has been developed as a fiction hero in real life and is ready for public demonstrations. It has flexible legs, gripping hands, and LCDs, LEDs to bring color to its cheeks and eyes. Its height and weight are 5 feet 6 inches and 33kg respectively with a maximum power consumption of 200 watts approximately.

Asimo is a humanoid robot developed by Honda in 2000 and is probably the most costly of all the robots mentioned so far. Asimo has the ability to capture all kind of motions, voices, and visuals in its environment in order to process it to communicate with the humans. It is 130cm in height and 38kg in mass.

10. iCub
($ 2.7million)
iCub is a one-meter high humanoid robot capable of crawling, solving complex 3D mazes, archery, shooting, grasping small objects and avoiding collisions. It is commonly used by scientist to study embodied cognition in Artificial Intelligence systems and there are 30 icubs in various laboratories in the European Union.


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To conclude Robots are making it to your home to help you out in exactly the same way you wish them to. So shop your robot and feel the technology ease you up. For any application development contact the top mobile app development company FLUPER @


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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


mobile application

Let’s be honest!!! For years now the technology trends have been changing every now and then with researchers trying to make technology flawless but keeping the new graduates clueless about what to choose for their career. The people who have been working for years need to update their skills just like their mobile application. So the certifications are your adapting parameter to survive the tech industry. Amazon has stepped into the cloud services sector and the coming years will see the cloud platform in every existing IT business, therefore, its necessary to know how it’s going to work what are the options available. Don’t panic here is the compilation for the certifications you can do in 2018 to grow in multiple domains to name one mobile app developers.


Amazon web services are bringing new ways of performing IT related works with the cloud computing and in order to let people be a part of these services, the AWS certifications are introduced to know the HOW of the cloud technology. The implementation on large scale requires humans to monitor it and they should be knowledgeable enough to operate a particular service. Amazon web services certifications are available for different domains such as Architecting, Operations, Developing and specialty certifications.


“Why?” the most asked question tag by humans because we have to admit nothing in this world is done without a reason. Let's check out why AWS certification should be considered

High salary:
knowledge has its own power but money buys everything a wise man without money is nothing but a rich man with a wise mind is everything. The value of this certification is quite high as per the 2017 analysis and that is on average $100k+ for AWS certified which is quite a rich deal today.

Need for cloud engineers:
The deployment of every IT service on the cloud platform will take quite some time and the already running business will require professional to make such a huge shift of the technology for their IT driven business. 

Strong knowledge: 
The knowledge seekers don’t really care about matching the race of surviving in the market in order to keep making the living they have now, all they want to do is check out the new series in the market and mug it up to provide their valuable feedback. Such people are not controlled by money but by new technology trends. Getting a certification will add to your existing knowledge of IT framework.

Surviving Recruiters filter:
The must-have of 2018 is AWS certifications and the recruiters are going to put filters for the profile you are applying for by adding an AWS certification to their search engine and having one is going to check you in for an interview for sure.


The Amazon Web Services are available for following domains:

Cloud Practitioner:
This certification of Cloud  Practitioner requires the basic knowledge of AWS such as global architecture, cloud value proposition, characteristics of deploying a cloud etc and is recommended for who have a six months experience with AWS cloud services. One doesn’t need to have a specific technical expertise for this test.

AWS architect certification comes in two stages one is associate and the other is professional. Now, this exam required a technical knowledge of the solution for architecting and designing applications on AWS. The difference between an Associate and Professional would be the hands-on experience of one year and two years.

The developers who can develop applications on the cloud platform are eligible for this application. The developer certification also comes in two stages associate and Develops certification i.e Professional where one requires a hands-on experience of one year in mobile application development and the professional certification is the next certification for a cloud developer.

The operations certification is for people who have the technical knowledge for deployment of applications, its network, and systems on the AWS platform. This certification also has two stages, one named system operations administrator and developer operations engineer.

Even the specialty certification has two certifications, one includes Big data specialist test and the other is advanced networking test. The people appearing for this certification needs to have the in-depth knowledge of the required concept of the technology.


Now we all know the certification alone doesn’t get you a job at Amazon or any other company that uses Amazon web services. The eligibility for this certification requires you to have a hands-on experience of ongoing IT services. The concept on which the advancement is done has its roots already in use but one can start with an Associate Degree to march his way up to other certifications.

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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

HOW Fancy and Extravagant can GADGETS GET?

Both the words  Expense and Expensive may refer to as homophones because if you understand it the expense was put into the Oxford dictionary for average income people whereas expensive is the expense of high-income lads. Nobody has been able to vanish the bridge between the rich and the poor. Hereby poor I mean the one who would think twice to spend huge on a single product. The electronic gadgets got cheaper and the internet has tried to reduce the barrier but the businessmen need to earn too so they are coming with even expensive Gadgets in the market which are way beyond an average income mans capabilities and knowledge. The irony is that it doesn’t matter if the gadget is expensive or cheap the mobile app developers have free applications for both.

It’s believed that a great businessman is who can satisfy the need of poor as well as rich. So, let’s check out what Gadget store has for private jet travelers.

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  1.     FALCON SUPERNOVA: COST- $ 110.5 Million

This is the most expensive iPhone in the world, well the rich would have butlers who can easily afford iPhone. It comes in three variants Rose Gold, Gold and Diamond and the cost is only for the appearance the technical specifications remain the same as iphone6. How can anyone even fall for this kind of products?

  2.    iPhone 5 BLACK DIAMOND- $11 Million

 It is made up of 135gm gold of 24 Carat and 600 diamond gems on the edges. The apple logo has 53 diamond gems. With the use of all the glittering expensive material the screen is made of sapphire and the home, the button is made of black deep-cut diamond.

  3.    IPAD 2 GOLD HISTORY EDITION-$7.8 Million

The apple logo of this device weighs 2000gm 24crt gold and is named as historic because the stone used to frame the tablet is from Canada and 75million years old. T-REX Dinosaurs thigh bone which was 65million years old was splinted into the stone in order to make it the masterpiece of all the tablets. There are only two of these kinds.

  4.     Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeaker- $ 4.7 Million

 The maker of this loudspeaker had the shape of an ear while designing it. This product is just a loudspeaker than why is it so expensive?  Because the 28-inch tall cabinet in which the amplifier is embedded is made up of either bronze, silver or gold.

  5.    Amosu call for Diamond IPHONE 6- $2 Million

This phone probably has the same ios app development as for all other phones but just because it is made of 6,127 VVS1 diamonds on the back which took 2 months to craft over the gold body, the diamonds weigh 51.29 Carats.

  6.     Camael Diamond’s iPad- $ 1.2 Million

This phone is designed using 18-carat gold and has 300-carat diamonds on the back of the body. This handset weighs one-kilo grams and has the back and the apple logo made out of black diamond.

  7.    Mac book Air supreme Platinum Edition-$500,000

The luxury electronics list has laptops as well and the phone is the most expensive one so the luxury is also added to the same. This laptop is made of 7kg Platinium. These luxury electronics are just five in number.

  8.    Nintendo Wii Supreme-$497,33

This product is no longer made but it was previously designed for gamers so that they can have the taste of electronics luxury too. The product weighs 2.5kg and made using 22-Carat gold.

  9.     Sony Play Station 3 Supreme-$ 331,500 

Now there were times when the Sony Play station made everyone crazy and whom am I kidding it still drives everyone crazy. This was made luxurious too with the 1.6kg gold of 22-Carat and the console had a diamond-studded disc which had 50, 22-carat diamonds. The same is discontinued now though.

  10.   FALCON EARPODS- $ 300,00

This is probably the cheapest of all the above-listed gadgets and comes in three categories gold, rose gold and platinum. So these ear pods are an accessory to your gold-plated iPhone or MacBook.


There is a reason why these designs are limited in the world because not all rich people want to use the gadgets on their face value. They are not manufactured this way but customized just like an expensive car. So the luxury is not for everyone and now that everyone knows about the most expensive gadgets, maybe we come up with the affordable gadgets which work exactly in the same way as these gold updated gadgets do

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Did your app just fail to Grab Attention? Lookout for the common UX Pitfalls in App Design.

Developing an effective mobile application is not just anybody’s cup of cake. And not all designed applications make it big in the play stores. Mobile application development companies really need to break their neck to push their applications to the top 10 list in the app store. Yet most of them fail miserably to draw public attention at all.

Now, companies and mobile developers cite endless excuses when their application fails to revert back desired results. But, if honestly, one needs to dig deeper into the matter, then one can easily discover the root cause that works silently behind app failure. The recent survey showed that 88% customers discard a website or an application once experiencing a poor performance. App performance is directly linked to the UX/UI of an application and hence it is crucial to have a clear concept of the possible user experience flaws, which can be avoided to offer a seamless involvement with the application.

Before we indulge ourselves into understanding the UX pitfalls, it is important to give a clear definition of user experience especially for those who are still in confusion with this term.

Hence, what do you know about UX??
UX or user experience is nothing but the overall experience a person has when using a particular application especially in terms of seamless or pleasing usage. It is an amalgamation of tasks to optimize a product to ensure effective and enjoyable user experience. Often, it is used as an alternative to a user interface. But, these two terms are highly contradictory to one another. User Interface, on the other hand, defines the look, feel, and presentation as well as user interaction with the application.

Now, it is time to identify the common pitfalls in app design to guide a mobile application developer.

ü Confusion between UX and UI is nothing uncommon especially among amateur developers who consider both the terms as the same sides of a coin. Hence, this concept needs to be cleared first before proceeding further with the other steps.

ü Design methods are inappropriate and inconsistent which can eventually hamper the proper functioning of the application. Care must take to avoid designing a poor UX and a difficult UI, which fail to operate seamlessly across devices leading to their omission from the user's phone within a month of its installation.

ü Language that is alien to the users must be avoided at all cost since not all users are that technically qualified to comprehend the terms which otherwise might sound nothing less than a jargon.

ü Not all apps require login page even though few others necessitate registration and login details filled in before using the application. However, the process must not annoy the user so much that they uninstall it eventually.

ü Overstuffing of the apps and absence of white space is crucial to offering only those components that are vital and in direct relation to the objective of the application. Too many features stuffed up will only confuse the user. The inclusion of a white space offers respite for the designers and users as well to prevent the page from being overloaded and stuffed up.

ü Complicated UX and content is yet another flaw wherein a clumsy and complex content can because of irritation for the user. UX design must include such features which are vital and content must be simple such that any layman can easily understand, directly explaining the features rather than beating around the bush for nothing.

ü Lack of extensive research can be considered a harmful flaw. And by research, we not only refer to what users expect from the designers but also what they are getting from the competitors. Hence, impressive designs are not enough to please them rather connecting with them must be the core objective.

ü Beware of plagiarism, which means your user is expecting something that is unique and original. It is fine to derive inspiration from the online design samples and or templates but blindly copying them can lead to copyright issues detrimental to the app survival.
ü Prioritize user feedback at regular intervals boosts up UX designers and provides valuable insights into what is actually the popular market demand? Not paying attention to feedback can harm the application in the end.

Final Words

Perfection in work only comes with years of experience added. Availing a dedicated mobile app developer hired can contribute towards designing a UX and UI for an application that is devoid of flaws. More so, it is the responsibility of a UX designer to be aware of and remain prepared for whichever hurdles and or pitfalls come in the way of developing an application.

Top-rated mobile app developers such as Fluper houses the experience required to define a flawless mobile application bestowed with capabilities to rank high in the app store.

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Don’t wait for your friends to plan just go solo and trust your Smartphone

mobile apps

This is for all the readers who are trying to understand technology and its immense use for every possible activity of humans, the old scholars who read in news about the advancements and for all the new ones who never saw the evolution of technology and directly got introduced to it. Travelling is a life experience, there may be a possibility that virtual reality might give you a tour of the entire world just by spinning on the chair through a 3x6x3 inch device but the air breeze through the mountain is never the same as the AC. Travelling alone is, however, a negative thought for most of us. We aren’t confident enough if the trip just has the company to oneself so we involve our friends, family or partner to come along. Hijacking an unknown place and surviving there was like landing on the moon before but now if you feel like hiking just get your Smartphone and do it, later you can share the experience through a video or pictures.

The Youth who continued to see the rapid evaluation and the implementation at the workplace didn’t hesitate to introduce the technology in routine. The best app for travel is available on the play store but the reliability on the application by the older generation for travelling is not much easy to witness.

Let's check out some cool applications for your trip

It is an application to save your time to visit multiple travel agents for best deals around the dates you wish to plan the travel. The cheapest flight deals can be swiped over your phone than on a travel agents calendar. More such applications make my trip, kayak, Hopper etc.

Once you are at one of your wish list countries but you know nothing about the commuting trends there even if you have landed after a research of that place, you still need a safe ride to visit different historic places. Uber is the best choice because it’s available in more than 700+ cities or that’s what they claim. If you are visiting India you have got another option like ola and if you are in USA Lyft is your another option to choose from.

The travelling definitely involves treks and underwater sports, now if you enter a rural area with not much internet connectivity then who is your saver, Google Maps is an excellent guide to your trek through the mountains if you are lucky enough to have local area signals in your Smartphone.

With expensive flights you need to manage the hotel tariffs too, this application helps you find home stays at a very reasonable price and a local cultural experience on your trip to know insides of the country you are visiting.

Every new area has a different type of commutes and to experience the tramp, bus, metros, subway etc. City Mapper connects you with an online and offline timetable of local commutes to travel from one place to another.

Final words

If the younger generation has got an application knowledge then the oldies have got the life experience. Now I am not saying that either one is wrong but the acceptance by the older generation of calculated advice coming from young ones and giving up of I know it all attitude by the younger generation will make it a better place for everyone to live and travel. The place where your battery is dead, power bank is out of power and there is no socket at all and the trip management app are nowhere to guide you who is to your rescue there, a grown-up mind with similar experience. The invasion of technology has brought the world closer but parted families with different generations, which may not be big deal at the national level but it is at an individual level.

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