Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Top 5 Mobile App Development Tools

We all know how bothersome multi-platform mobile app formatting can get. Each platform is unique and exhibits different features, capabilities and behavior. But then, multi-platform apps are truly “in” today, so you as the developer, need to find solutions to develop the best cross-formatted apps, without emptying up all your resources on developing for just a couple of platforms at one time.
Fortunately for you, there are some really great multi-platform developer tools in the market today, using which you can easily achieve your aim. Here is a list of the top 5 dev tools for cross-formatting mobile applications.

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RhoMobile offers Rhodes, which is an open-source framework based on Ruby. This permits the developer to create native apps, spanning over a stunning range of OS’ and smartphones. The OS’ include Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM, which pretty much covers it all.
The framework supplied by RhoMobile is such that you only need to code once. This code can be used to build apps for most of the major smartphones. Native apps are great for
working with available hardware, so your job gets done with ease, speed and accuracy.
RhoMobile also offers developers RhoHub, which is a hosted development environment, and RhoSync, which can be employed as a standalone server to keep all the app data current on the users’ handhelds.

PhoneGap, which won great acclaim at Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco’s 2009 Launch Pad event, is an FOSS environment that allows developers to create apps for Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices. This platform uses standard web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript.
PhoneGap allows the developer to work with device hardware features such as accelerometer, GPS/location, camera, sound and much more.
PhoneGap additionally offers an Adobe AIR app and also online training courses to help the developer access native API’s and build mobile apps on its own platform.

The Titanium Development Platform from Appcelerator, which incidentally has a formidable fan following in Twitter, aids the development of native mobile, tablet and desktop apps via web programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. It now powers over a 1,000 native apps per month. The best thing about Titanium is that if gives users easy access to over 300 APIs and location information.
Additionally, Appcelerator also offers customizable metrics for actions and events. Apps can be totally hardware-based and all app data can be stored either in the cloud or on the device.  

Mosync , yet another Foss mobile app development SDK tool, is based on standard web programming. This SDK offers the developer integrated compilers, libraries, runtimes, device profiles and other useful tools.
MoSync offers support for various  types of OS’, including Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and even a linux Mobile distro.

This one, though not really a top tool, is interesting. Whoop confidently states that they are “The one-stop mobile app publishing platform for non-developers”. Even if you are not a developer, you can still get some cross-formatting done with Whoop.
Of course, we cannot guarantee that your product will have the same glossy look as those of your geeky coder counterparts, but Whoop is still definitely worth more than just a look.
The Whoop Creative Studio is basically a WYSIWYG editor that lets you easily drag and drop mobile app elements onto it, to achieve desired effects. What is more, you can even export your app in many formats, depending on the OS, including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and more.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Mobile Application Testing: Agile Methodology

Mobile Application Testing

Didn’t get your newspaper? You look for the news app in your device. Want to order pizza? You again rely on the app in your phone. With such varied facilities all from the comfort of our phone, we often forget what really goes on behind the development of a mobile application.
Developers work day and night to provide us with the best experience possible. So how do they do that? Recently, a new process – Agile methodology – is being undertaken to provide you with the best quality mobile application.
Agile Testing?
If in your childhood, you were reprimanded at every little mistake that happened, you are sure to turn out a responsible person. The same analogy applies to agile methodology for mobile application in which integrating, documentation and quality testing is involved at every step. . As this method requires high customer engagement to take into account the customer’s requirements and feedback after every step, it can be used in projects where the customer is committing to engage in interactive communication from time to time.  
This iterative and flexible approach can be used in complex project where the customer requirements change frequently. A big project can be broken s down into smaller parts and agile methodology can be applied to each of these small parts.
The agile approach to mobile app development focuses on customer involvement, flexible planning, constant evaluation and — of course — risk management. This approach enables requirements and solutions to evolve through the combined effort of the development team and the customer.
Why Agile Testing?
With so many different mobile devices available in the market today and more being developed each year, how does one cope with such ever-changing demand?
  • Constant supply of valuable client software, thus ensuring close contact between customer and developers at all stages of the project;
  • With changing technological trends, it gets difficult to implement all features into an app. But, with agile testing one can make changes to the project and put forward new demands to it at any stage of development (even before the release);
  • Priority information exchange method is a personal conversation, which gives opportunities for all participants of the project;
  • The main indicator of Agile implementation success is the high-quality working application;
  • Self-organizing teams performing particular tasks, often give better results than a large team dedicated to everything at once;
  • People and interactions are emphasized more than process and tools as the customer, developers and testers are in constant communication with one another.
With such advantages, why wouldn’t one want to adopt it?  
Mobile application developers make an app for a device with small screen, less memory and less processing speed. With the sheer number of mobiles present with different operating systems and different carriers, making a mobile app which is fit on one and all devices becomes quite a difficult task for the developers.
Other than that some other problems that the developers face are
  • Short Software life cycle development,
  • limited hardware,
  • rapidly changing technology  
  • changing user demands according to the changes in technology.
  • Also, UI/UX needs to kept in mind; but with ever changing customer demands it gets difficult.
But, all these shortcomings can be easily met through Agile methodology. First developed in 2001, this approach has been in use for the past 16 years. That itself is a monumental feat and it would be difficult to question its authenticity.
Agile Vs Waterfall
In the waterfall methodology testing and development is the last step of the SDLC. The testing and documentation phases are the most fundamental part of development hence agile methodologies for mobile application development are more effective and efficient for goal driven apps which require error free delivery of information whenever required. The traditional development methodologies can be put to use in the case of entertainment apps. After determining the methodology, we can further refine the process to best fit our project goals. Ultimately, although the way in which we do our work is important, delivering a solid and maintainable product that satisfies our customer is what really counts.

The number of steps involved in Agile mobile app development ensure a smaller footprint, easy and smooth download, error-free app. But, as every coin has two sides , this process has its shares of problems : the lack of integrity of the project and the low quality of the finished product’s architecture. Having said that, you wouldn’t question an executive with several years of experience; similarly, agile methodology has been trial and tested and also after several years of use, it only adds comfort to a developer’s life.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Important considerations while creating a successful Social media app

Social Media App

Importance of right tools can be easily comprehended in case you are trying to build classic flat pack furniture without a particular screwdriver. Specifically for the social media managers, knowledge about the appropriate tools and best apps can really make a difference between a successful social media app and a mediocre social media app.
With innumerable new social apps being launched every day, it can be an arduous task to identify which one are worth using, analogously there are few points which are quite important to consider while building social media app.
Social media apps are now quite popular and can be witnessed well in Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube but the spectrum of social media is quite broader than expected. While considering the current fashion, useful social features can be integrated in order to see the upsurge growth as well as reputation in short term. If relying on the statistics, then the number of active social users is approximately 2.3 billion. So from a business perspective, the niche of social media is considered to be the hopeful market.
You must have undergone or chosen mobile application Development Company that are undergoing following steps to create the most successful social media app:
  • Strategy
  • Design which includes sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and Design app skins
  • Development and Quality Assurance
  • Publish and Marketing
  • Support
These are few of the steps to create social media app.
But there are few considerations which must be taken care of while creating a social media app:
By establishing connection with the existing social media
Lesser the steps separate the user from the mature interaction with an application, the better. Although this is not yet to reveal that there are ton of social media platforms where the user might have left their details, hence it would be worthless to force them to do it all over again. So, to cut down the way to do it all over again, then just go for a button “connect with”. Since social graph plays a quite significant roles, hence to raise the social graph swiftly, social connections leverage the app very efficiently. It is quite essential to accelerate login process which has the more probability to reduce the abandon ratio. On this perspective, it is important to consider that users will approach apps which have users-friendly navigation with the most advanced functionality.
Expansive Opportunities for self-expression
Self-expression is the expression of one’s individuality hence every user wants to feel unique and how the world how imaginative, extraordinary as well as outside the box he or she is. So as far as social media apps are concerned, it should be included some essential features that can come like customisation of profile picture, nicknames, backgrounds, interests, mood etc.
Social media has been the platform to enhance the social reputation hence users normally prefer to make their profile picture with activities, status, mood and other updates with occasional uploading of photos, video and all other stuffs that are somewhat related to the festival, event etc. Hence with the ultimate motive to enhance credibility as well as identity, mobile app developers must dedicate their talent to create some attractive fonts, styles as well as combinations with bespoken profile appealing.
Creating a perfect algorithmic network
Social media is an interconnected system of people, hence any social media do make some sense if users finds his or her acquaintances or interesting people. Hence while creating the social media app, it is the utmost responsibility of mobile app developers to work through to develop the perfect algorithm of friends’ graph. So a perfect procedure should be built in order to invite friends with just a click. Here comes into the picture two model in order to create connections with friends and followers known as private as well as public network. Even the app developers must comprehend the difference between the two in order to create user graph to seamlessly connect with friends whereas followers enhance the social strength.
Prioritising the newsfeed
Newsfeed is something quite essential especially for a social media app where content is the most significant one. Users are also involved in generating the enormous amount of content themselves for instance statuses, check-ins, videos, and audio as well as photo uploading. Users do like to share even other’s content which give them opportunity to express their opinion as well. Hence when a social media is built, irrespective to the platform whether android or iOS, it is significant to arrange the news feed that can accommodate the social media app in a best possible way.  
These are some of the most important considerations while creating the most innovative social media app which can really justify the main essence of login into your social media app and ensure its long run survival.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

What Are Those 5 Magical Mobile Payment Tips That Can Raise Your Financial Graph?

5 Magical Mobile Payment Tips

The Smartphone, E-Commerce, the M-trade and the developing shopper interest for solace, is currently considerably greater than each passing day! At the point when the since quite a while ago included story of walk-ins has changed over into log-ins can't be figured out.
In the event that introspected, there are two approaches to manage this orgy liberality: settle down and dream of the long time past days or simply advance by embracing the brilliant changes.
At this center, in the event that you are exploring for a rich client base to get an upper hand in your commercial center then Mobile Payment Solutions acted the hero.

See what forthcoming conceivable outcomes accompanied mobile payments:

• Enhanced Customer Experience

Mobile Payment guarantees a wonderful client encounter while looking at and making the last Payment. Clients like speedy administration, particularly with regards to looking at. Payments with cell phones, Credit cards, and Debit Cards have made considerably less demanding and faster to pay. This efficient exertion can specifically build benefits by enabling you to deal with numerous clients at a solitary edge of time.

• Easily Track Customer Trends and Inventory

Mobile Payments works ponder for little to medium organizations. Juggling hours for following stock and client conduct is no more a torment point and can be effortlessly robotized. By following the items and administrations you are offering for the clients you can catch the data, as well as can find out about your clients, their shopping conduct and utilize that data to enhance your administrations and concentrate on what's imperative.

• Larger the Sale, More the ROI

Organizations that have a tendency to acknowledge credit and charge cards can exceptionally enhance income, and increment deals as purchasers utilizing mobile payments and cards will probably purchase hastily, spend more, and join faithfulness programs.

• Cash Flow Management

The consistent and bother free Payment checkout is, the successful income administration will be. Subsequently, permitting the organizations/brands to deal with all exchanges from a solitary terminal.

• Secured and Private

When you pick mobile payments, you needn't stress over your clients' information security. All exchanges are secured with an extra security layer whether you send cash, shop or split the bill. Additionally, there's no additional cost when you look at or send cash utilizing your adjust or ledger in a large portion of the Payment doors.

Other than these, Mobile steadfastness cards are likewise a decent option for organizations who destitute from the cost of making a custom application. Making a virtual card is fundamentally less expensive, and mobile proprietors are more averse to erase it after a couple employments.

At last, offering the developed solace in Payment alternatives the one your client needs and your business requests is amazingly basic.
Also, it shocks no one that mobile innovation has now turned into an imperative part in setting off the development and achievement. The sooner you embrace it, the better pace you will keep x years from now.

Conclusive End
With the advent and advancement of mobile app development and its integration into the payment methodologies, businesses have grown up to the manifolds. There are numerous mobile app payment methods which have proved out to be fruitful for every businessman and their respective ventures. These mobile payment methods have permitted mobile apps with an advanced level of ease that ensures the secured and feasible payment process and a sense of security. In addition to that, these payment modes are integrated with a substantial technology that ensures their transnational tracking in order to fend off the possibilities of lump creation of black money.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Outstanding Deployment of iBeacon Technology in IoT Based iPhone App Development

Outstanding Deployment of iBeacon Technology in IoT Based iPhone App Development
iBeacon can be utilized to trigger nearness based activities, and we show 5 IoT-based iPhone mobile application development benefits that can be planned utilizing iBeacon.
1. iBeacon for Shopping in Store
iBeacon picked up footing with the retail upheaval it achieved by taking off push notices in its 254 stores over the USA, giving them data identified with in-store buys and offers. With BLE sensors introduced inside the stores, when the customer enters the store, in light of their profile, past buy history and current offers, push notices are sent, controlling the customer utilizing their iPhone gadget.
2. iBeacon in Event Management
Occasion administration organizations are utilizing virtual aides on iPhone and iPad to advise guests about the occasion timetable, agenda and protests in plain view. For example, if there should arise an occurrence of a photography show, the guest can get finish picture taker bio and points of interest of the photo and even put in a request or bookmark it for return to. The guide technology itself is being utilized broadly in games fields in various courses, appropriate from giving ticket and seating data to giving play-by-play arrangement of the game.
3. iBeacon for Social Networking
This idea is being utilized broadly on free applications on App Store for secretly discovering people with comparable enthusiasm for the client's vicinity and giving them a chance to associate with each other. It takes long range interpersonal communication to a radical new level as social associations itself are taken to a virtual stage, where individuals get to know each other by means of the person to person communication application by understanding each other's profile and afterward choosing to convey forward and meeting. Since it works in a constrained nearness range, it is a quicker approach to interface. This application is a major accomplishment in clubs and occasions where individuals associate with outsiders.
4. iBeacon in Home App
The Home App that will invasion with iOS 10 utilizes the iBeacon application to its entire degree in using the iBeacon technology. The HomeKit application can remotely control family unit apparatuses, indoor regulator, lighting and even the TV and music player. With iBeacon sensors and keenly masterminded speakers, the client can convey their music with them starting with one room then onto the next. The application can now perform more unpredictable operations, for example, making setting focused groupings in classes, for example, zones, scenes and rooms. Facilitate, Siri mix suggests one no longer needs to physically tap the gadget, however basically give a voice order to execute activities.
5. iBeacon in Farming
The iBeacon technology consolidated with GPS technology can be utilized adequately to track climate condition and empower the agriculturist to arrange the cultivating season and guarantee best ROI. Guides planted over the ranch can send flags and give data on soil condition, in this manner propose ideal compost necessity and water prerequisite. Reference points planted inside the storage facility will give the agriculturist data on room temperature and in this way empower them to choose the period for which they can store their harvests before offering it in the market for the right rate. Reference points are additionally used to distinguish water levels in tanks and dampness substance of the dirt.
End Note!
There are numerous assorted purposes to which iBeacon technology can be used by iPhone mobile application development administrations. With Swift 3 and iOS 10 on the dev. desk, we can expect better execution and more up to date utilizations of the iBeacon technology.