Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tracing out few simple steps towards improved Mobile App engagement

Applications have gained quite a momentum ever since the mobile developers recognized the potentiality hidden in the teeny tiny device. Most of the sectors have been already infiltrated and the myriad topics explored. Wherein, on one hand, the device fulfills your requirement within a matter of a minute, likewise, the mobile app development process has also become a child’s play. Android mobile app development companies are luckier since they have many free app development tools available to design and develop an application. But do you think that is the end of the story??Well, the most difficult task only begins post app upload in the store. Why will smartphone users install your application?? Convincing them is one hell of a job. However, there are few simple tricks that can at least give you some idea on how to utilize them in popularizing the application. 

Shall we begin?
• Create impressive first impact- You probably must have heard that making the first impression is going to continue as the last impression. A lot of class work and homework need to be done by the app developer pre and post launch of the application. Even you succeed in getting it installed but keeping the user hooked to the app, you need to really push hard by convincing the user that he needs that app at any cost. Enhance his experience using the 1-time splash page, a new pop-up screen containing necessary information required by a first time user with an eye catchy theme. Incredible app usage experience will keep your end users sticking to the app.

• Personalized approach- Customer retention on your app is possible only if your application feeds in useful suggestions based on their purchase history as well as the last products searched, making sure that the messages are relevant and are of utmost importance. 

• Convert satisfied customers into app promoters- Social media has emerged as the perfect tool to promote any application. Mobile app development companies need to recognize the importance of linking social media sites to that of their apps. Any satisfied customer will be quite generous with the posts instantly tweeting on their experience, also giving positive feedbacks and good ratings for the application. Also, they are most likely to recommend your application to others thus marketing the application on your behalf. You can give them incentives to motivate them and pull in more customers.

Extensive use of In-app messages- Thoughtful exploiting In-app messages can help a mobile application developer inform the users of the different discounts and offers available, only to convince them in making the additional purchase of items while browsing the app. Make sure the messages do not form a distraction that might end up driving away the users.

Fun with Augmented Reality- This feature is useful for those app development companies who plan on designing retail e-commerce business to render a real-world environment directly or indirectly. Customers prefer to see how the items would actually look on them before they make their purchase decisions.

Timely feedback reviews to improve the app- App user feedback is very important often containing suggestions that require regular monitoring to improve the qualities of the app and overall user experience, keeping them satisfied and resell the same app to existing and new customers. 

More scope for education and entertainment- Currently customers prefer spending their free time scanning through the apps installed on their smartphone, to pass off waiting time or kill boredom. Utilize this as huge opportunity to drive app usage by engaging them with a blog or a community forum where users can spend time if not purchasing any item.

• Marketing to support the app- Irrespective of the above points, you need to realize that any mobile application businesses cannot survive the hardcore current market situation, competing with myriad other apps. Hence designing a well thought of recurring and sustainable marketing plan reflecting the many promotional tactics is crucial to gain optimum results.

Time to wrap up
The above-mentioned points are few basic tricks that any dedicated mobile app developer hired will be well versed with. Also, it is advisable to harness the service of a competent mobile application development company such as Fluper, who have the in-depth knowledge in mobile app development incorporating all these features that will benefit both your application and your business.
Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies, can help you with your app development process, carefully guiding you through the intricacies and take away your entire headache.
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Saturday, 16 September 2017

The current market trends boosting Big Data Intelligence

As a company owner, you must be pretty much aware of the three terms that are lately creating a lot of buzz in the commercial world- Internet of Things (IoT), Business and Artificial Intelligence.
If not, then allow me to refresh your memory on this particular concept

What is Business Data Intelligence??

Before, we enter the above topic; let us first clear our mind on Data Intelligence.

If we Google it, we get the basic definition from Techopedia that describes it as the analysis of different types of Data, taken from various sources to be used by the companies to expand their business operations.

From the Business’s point of view, BI or Business Intelligence or Business Data Intelligence stands for those applications that transform the sea of data into meaningful information that aids organizations in making better decisions.

Mobile app developers design enterprise specific applications, imbibed with the capability to stream such meaningful data into the app interface from external sources thus allowing the different units. Connected with the app, to make informed decisions based on the same data.

What are the main reasons for BI’s current popularity??

  • The main reason behind popularizing BI is Data Complexity- The volume, variety and the speed with which Companies receive data and information makes the data management process a humongous task for any employee and time consuming as well.

  • The second reason is Data Analysis- fishing out the relevant points to a business module from the ocean of information and analyzing them is an enormous task, humanly not achievable.

Therefore an outside application is crucial to simplify the data management process.  

Hadoop is an infrastructure for storing and processing large sets of data across multiple servers.

Now let us try to figure out the current market trends for BI.

What are the current trends that is shaping the BI concept?

1.    Data driven organization- Business units that make decisions backed up with well researched and analyzed verifiable data.

2.    Competitors getting smarter- It is important to consider that competitors are smarter than you to remain ahead in the competition.

3.    Explosion of data and content- Rapid increase in the availability for high volume of relevant and effective data in the market.

4.    Data sharing and monetization get critical- Business operations are interlinked that allows data sharing and many companies monetize from such data.

5.    Machine learning & AI- These two concepts, along with IoT is shaping the future of the world of commerce and economics. These new technologies automated the entire data management and decision making process, thereby eliminating human intervention and loss due to human error.

6.   No big data without AI- The decision making process has undergone a transformation recently with Thinking machines. Automated smart and quick decision making based on real-time data is the next big thing in the commercial world.

7.    Moving beyond hadoop- The open source data storage solution has competitors too. Companies are finding alternatives to Hadoop in Machine learning and IoT services.

8.    Cloud based analytic- Cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift is a popular data destination to store and safeguard the huge volume of data taken from different sources.

9.    Changed relationship between suppliers and customers- The data and information taken from customer buying behavior and search history offers an useful insight for the suppliers, allowing them to offer such goods that match the customer’s tastes and preference.

10.  Single tool replaces different point of solutions and data dependency- Instead of relying on multiple sources and tools, it is better to have a single tool that access, sort, analyze and feed in relevant information fitting the business module.

11.  Data literacy- Soon data analytic will emerge as a mandatory core competency for young professionals, owning the ability to pull out meaningful analysis from such data

12.  Self-service BI- This allows business users with minimal knowledge on statistics, to access and work with corporate data required to design an informative output for either Android or iOS app developers.

Summing Up

The advent of the new technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and IoT breathed a fresh air into our traditional method of conducting our daily business. Every sector is trying to imbibe the beneficial features drawn from these concepts into their framework to increase their performance efficiency. Big organisations such as mobile app development companies have realized that Time and human resource are valuable assets which need to be employed in a profitable manner. Thus delegating certain functionalities such as Data analysis to smart thinking machines have not only made business operation efficient but has also reduced the overall time taken to complete a lengthy task such as data management and ends up using the same workforce in a more productive way. Big data intelligence is the current trend that will rule the business world for some time.

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

What’s with the new iPhone X? A leak tells all!

All that could be known about the latest iPhone was trending on every tech website. With iPhone app developers showcasing AR enabled apps making headlines before the new phone’s launch it’s worth enquiring what the latest showstopper from Apple.
The prices? Yeah those were murderous but there’s something else, the new iPhone X. Doesn’t looks like Apple’s gadgets raining? So you must be confused which of the rumors were associated with which phone. So let’s begin to clear your doubts.
Just one important thing that must be disturbing every iPhone user. Which phone will have the AR enabled iOS app development technology? Relax, the AR technology will come with the new OS but the latest iPhone users will have that first.

iPhone 8 or X. What you should call it?
It is important to know that the company is aiming to launch three iPhones on 12th September. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the X. The mysterious new X phone has been loaded with the most exotic features ever to be inducted in any phone. The two other phones are basic upgrades to the previous iPhones 7 & 7 plus.
The two basic upgrades come with wireless charging, glass back panel and a new processing chip. Ram is said to be 2GB and 3GB in 8 and Plus (and X) respectively by MacRumors.
This ultimately points that the supercool features will be found in the iPhone X. Regarding the name, if you suspected the phone to be named against its tenth anniversary then you guessed it most close. The iPhone is the most successful product of Apple and the most sales driving product. Hence naming it X makes sense.
The credit for bringing out the name of the latest iPhone goes to the 9to5Mac.
The common features of the three iPhones are the features that will be same as the previous phones and maybe the dual cameras.
The exciting features that are making the customers crazy are be the O LED screen, Face ID in place of the finger print sensor, edges reaching 5.8 inch screen with adjustments for earpiece, sensors and camera. The Samsung’s like side screen is also suspected to be the latest addition to the spectacular features of the phone.
The purchasers must be worried about the new iPhone with the touch ID cum home button removed. To their concerns the new phone is said to be featuring new gesture controls to navigate through menus and phone. This should be considered a woe to the users who will have to learn about the various gestures that are sounding alike.
Animoji is another important feature which allows users to convert their facial expressions into emoji. This is a development over the AR feature before its initiation.
To augment the performance of the latest iPhones the company has incorporated a family of six cores processor chip. This comes as a surprise to all since all the previous iPhones only had two active cores at a single time. While this time all the six cores are alleged to be running at the same time as per engadget.
While these leaks have always been annoyance to Apple and every tech company, these leaks also turn on the excitement of the customers as well. There were reports that the leaks were the actions a rogue Apple employee but BBC has confirmed that the links and URLs sent to it were from an anonymous sender. 
Summarizing: The center stage which was occupied by iPhone 8 and AR enabled iPhone app development has been grabbed by the recent leak of iPhone X. The iPhone X which was nowhere heard has taken all the customers by storm.
Apart iPhones, the company is also launching Apple Watch and TV which are also scheduled on 12th September’s launch. Samsung’s also launching the new Note 8. The competition will be Clash of the Titans.
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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Homes get smarter with these 6 spellbinding internet of things home devices

Have we just stepped into the future?? Holding the hand of internet Of Things, the many devices, described here, such as Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, iKettle etc. is likely to give you a similar experience. These ‘internet of things’ home appliances are bound to enhance your living style and convert your home into a smart abode.

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The concept of ‘Smart Home’, gives us a feeling that we are standing at the very threshold of a futuristic world predicted so often by the hi-tech films. We can thus safely say that the Future is here!!

Electrical devices imbibed with Artificial Intelligence can learn to operate on their own without receiving prior instructions from you such as Smart air conditioner adjusting temperature without receiving instruction from a remote system. Likewise, you can switch on or off any particular device by merely accessing your smartphone even if you are away from your house or while travelling. iOT makes this achievable to control the iOT devices by generating data through sensors installed within the device’s infrastructure. This is the modern way to live, courtesy the fast advancing technology coupled with innovative apps developed by either iPhone or Android app developers that is likely to change the age old living methods pretty soon.

Allow me to make you familiar with the following 6 internet of things home devices that will make you yearn for such appliances.

  • Amazon Echo- It is a compact cloud connected and voice activated smart speaker developed by Amazon comprising of 9.25 inch tall cylinder speaker with a seven-piece microphone array. It has multiple features embedded in its framework such as music player, create your own to-do list, set rising alarm, stream in podcasts, play audio books and feed in weather, traffic and other real time information. It is also capable of controlling other several smart home devices using itself as a home automation hub.
  • Wink and Philips Hue- This is your personal wireless lighting system which you can control and personalize such as adjusting the hue according to your mood and taste using the Philips Hue application. You can customize the light bulb hues to match the fitting moment or the time of the day and night by merely touching the application.  With Geofencing technology, your lights can even welcome you as soon as you enter your own house or switch off automatically no sooner than you leave your home.
  • iKettle- Imagine boiling water for preparing tea in your kettle without having to quit the comfort of your couch?? Sounds tempting Right?? Well!!This iOT smart kitchen appliance actually functions on this concept.  The iKettle, wired to the WiFi, can be easily accessed with your smartphone via the complementary application, instructing the device through the internet to boil water and keep it warm till you decide to make your choicest beverage. Also the hi tech application will greet you daily, either on waking up from your night slumber or entering your home after day’s toil, with a message asking if you had like the kettle boiled.
  • Smart Fridge- Internet refrigerator or smart fridge has been programmed to be smart enough to track the kind of products stacked inside the fridge through barcode or RFID scanning. It will inform you as soon as your stock needs refilling or if any stored item got stalled. There are many such examples of smart fridges in the market for you to choose from such as LG Internet Digital Dios, Electrolux ScreenFridge etc.
  • Nest learning thermostat- Do you wish to adjust the temperature of your room?? This particular smart home device can actually change the room temperature befitting your specified heating and heating preference. The handy little device is smart enough to control the heating and air conditioning systems in your house, a smart way for energy conservation.
  • Roomba 980- iRobot Roomba 980 is a Wi-Fi connected robotic vacuum cleaner that helps you with cleaning your house. The device can clean an entire floor of your house, recharging by itself when needed till it accomplishes the task at hand.
Wrapping Up
I believe such devices can take you to a completely different world and convert your sweet simple home into hi- tech abode. I know we buy those items that we have urgent requirement of or those which are a necessity. Yet at times you do end up making an extravagant purchase. So I will suggest at least purchasing one such iOT smart home device to experience and tasting the fruit of modernity. Fluper, a top mobile application development company, always uphold innovations as an important identifying factor distinguishing apps from one another and is quite likely to promote internet of things technology in its apps in the future.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Want to improve your English Vocabulary: Check out these 5 English vocabulary apps

“People say jargon is a bad thing, but it’s really a shortcut vocabulary professionals use to understand one another.”                                                                                              Erin Mckean 
I withstand the fact that learning vocabulary is the skeleton where words are the flesh. But learning them is one of the toughest challenges since it is never-ending. Although, it is somewhat easier for native languages since they are practiced enough while exchanging conversation. But in that context, I understand that conversation do not cast a direct impact on mastering on vocabulary. Apart from that, there are various other issues like all languages are not equal to the learner. Like mobile apps have invaded in every domain, it is no longer left to make English vocabulary maestro to its users.

Certainly mobile app development has understood some of the issues and triggered in the best possible way like 24*7 accessibility to their users, so they render abundant material each time. Additional benefits are that in case if you have forgotten something from your previous learning. The user is enabled to learn from scratch with free or very minimal cost. Thanks to the ultimate innovation by mobile app development that has made the most difficult task quite simple.

1.     A Word A Day Widget
Rating: 3.6
“Learn one interesting word everyday and improve your English vocabulary!”
It enables the user to learn one interesting word every day in order to improve English vocabulary. It streamlines the procedure by enabling the user with one English vocabulary word, but it also includes the definition of the word and related few example of the sentences. It even enables the user to browse the entire history. Since, it priorities baby steps which are perhaps successful enough to get the long lasting knowledge to its users.
2.      Learn English Grammar UK Edition
Rating: 4.0
“Improve your grammar accuracy with over 1000 free practice question!”
By reinforcing English grammar skills the app offers 1000s of questions in order to practice. It enables the user to increase English grammar accuracy. The app is equally divided from beginner to advanced stage. It has everything for beginners from Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced, it provides English vocabulary exercises and English vocabulary tests in order to progress to the next level.
The content is released at UK and US editions in order to differentiate between British English and American English on the basis of usage, spelling and pronunciation. This app is entirely available in English, Spanish and Japanese.
3.     Vocabulary builder
Rating: 4.3
“Play this free game to build your vocabulary with 1200 words from Magoosh”
This is English vocabulary games especially for Android phone or tablet where the user is accessed to learn 1200 most important words. To strive the ultimate English vocabulary, the entire wordlist is selected and defined by Magoosh’s expert tutor, having teaching experience for more than 10 years. It focuses to make you master on the words that probably you do not know by enabling each level to beat, unlocking the harder one. This effective memorization strategy is effective to make a strong hold on English vocabulary.
4.    Vocabulary. Com
Rating: 4.6
“Expand your vocab with lightning speed! Master words in a fun, addictive game.”
It has established like an addictive game of English vocabulary app with its uniquely effective learning system. Powered by the smartest and fastest dictionary, this has truly expanded with the lightning speed. It spins around the sophisticated algorithm ends the user to effectively learn the language by bringing Science of learning to model into action. It personalises the learning by accumulating points, achievements and badges in order to make it more fun for users.
5.    Words with Friends
Rating: 4.5
“The best from Penny Dell Puzzles-includes Free Daily Crossword Puzzles”
Featuring best puzzles from Dell Magazines and Penny Press from easy to hard puzzles. Puzzles are ad-supported in order to help the best crossword puzzle app. It enables to use optional pen/pencil in case you are confident enough. Some additional features like convenient text, entry boxes, multiple setting options with robust app tour and helpful hints enhance the ultimate solving experience.
Summing up!         
Vocabulary has certainly moved from the periphery to central position. Like the mobile apps have triggered all the area of concern, which had made it difficult to attend the traditional methods of learning, reading and practice. These mobile applications have enabled to start from any stage and their intrigued designs have successfully retained the users from elementary till the advanced stage.
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