Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Don’t wait for your friends to plan just go solo and trust your Smartphone

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This is for all the readers who are trying to understand technology and its immense use for every possible activity of humans, the old scholars who read in news about the advancements and for all the new ones who never saw the evolution of technology and directly got introduced to it. Travelling is a life experience, there may be a possibility that virtual reality might give you a tour of the entire world just by spinning on the chair through a 3x6x3 inch device but the air breeze through the mountain is never the same as the AC. Travelling alone is, however, a negative thought for most of us. We aren’t confident enough if the trip just has the company to oneself so we involve our friends, family or partner to come along. Hijacking an unknown place and surviving there was like landing on the moon before but now if you feel like hiking just get your Smartphone and do it, later you can share the experience through a video or pictures.

The Youth who continued to see the rapid evaluation and the implementation at the workplace didn’t hesitate to introduce the technology in routine. The best app for travel is available on the play store but the reliability on the application by the older generation for travelling is not much easy to witness.

Let's check out some cool applications for your trip

It is an application to save your time to visit multiple travel agents for best deals around the dates you wish to plan the travel. The cheapest flight deals can be swiped over your phone than on a travel agents calendar. More such applications make my trip, kayak, Hopper etc.

Once you are at one of your wish list countries but you know nothing about the commuting trends there even if you have landed after a research of that place, you still need a safe ride to visit different historic places. Uber is the best choice because it’s available in more than 700+ cities or that’s what they claim. If you are visiting India you have got another option like ola and if you are in USA Lyft is your another option to choose from.

The travelling definitely involves treks and underwater sports, now if you enter a rural area with not much internet connectivity then who is your saver, Google Maps is an excellent guide to your trek through the mountains if you are lucky enough to have local area signals in your Smartphone.

With expensive flights you need to manage the hotel tariffs too, this application helps you find home stays at a very reasonable price and a local cultural experience on your trip to know insides of the country you are visiting.

Every new area has a different type of commutes and to experience the tramp, bus, metros, subway etc. City Mapper connects you with an online and offline timetable of local commutes to travel from one place to another.

Final words

If the younger generation has got an application knowledge then the oldies have got the life experience. Now I am not saying that either one is wrong but the acceptance by the older generation of calculated advice coming from young ones and giving up of I know it all attitude by the younger generation will make it a better place for everyone to live and travel. The place where your battery is dead, power bank is out of power and there is no socket at all and the trip management app are nowhere to guide you who is to your rescue there, a grown-up mind with similar experience. The invasion of technology has brought the world closer but parted families with different generations, which may not be big deal at the national level but it is at an individual level.

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Virally inducing Gargantuan App installation Through 5 Quick Steps

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Take a break and have a look at the image below:

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Maybe this is not a masterpiece specimen of what we know as VIRAL MARKETING and is definitely not designed for that purpose but the content is enough to make it viral if the word ‘BACK’ is overlooked by onlookers. Human psychology will compel people, in reality, to believe that India is somehow being blessed with a monsoon of raining cash. The ‘word-of-mouth’ spreads it but in the twisted format similar to the ‘Chinese Whisper’ game. This concept, when applied to mobile application marketing, can ultimately prove game-changing for the mobile developer.
However, writing and designing such viral contents is not a cup of cake and often certain things get viral even if they were not intended for that purpose. Top mobile application development companies indulge in continuous brawling to occupy space in the end user’s smartphone. Yet not every application has what it takes to shine on top of billions of applications and driving millions of downloads. Nevertheless, if you are adopting the traditional method of branding and sales promotion, then achieving virality gets all the more difficult.
So, how can you go viral with mobile applications??
  • You begin with content, which is one of the key vitals to any form of marketing. Why will the users install your application? The well-defined content is what that will explain them the features of the application. And with content, we can refer to videos, images as well along with words.
  • Entice curious viewers who are inquisitive enough to know themselves with what is happening in others' lives. Create mystery around your application on core features it is supposed to offer, which actually earns more shares for the app. Eg: Fitness App Wokamon. Mystery adds desirability factors to an app.
  • Socially abiding by movements where a product or an app generate enthusiasm among people and if we see others using it, the rest joins the gang. This is what happened with Sarahah.com. Once our Facebook page got viral with friends posting Sarahah messages, the remaining few also joined the crowd. It is a proof to resolve uncertainty.
  • Earn trust and build relation with the users will fetch the developers’ not only fresh installers but will retain the existing ones hooked to the application for endless time. Trust builds the strong relationship and if you successfully gain it, no market or competition can be a threat to you. Building community out of the application and engage in communication can also work. The idea is to get maximized downloads.
  • Reward to incentivize the users can work wonders for your mobile application. Mobile developers make use of this strategy to promote their app if not make it socially viral. Once the users feel that they stand a chance to benefit from installing the application, they will try to pull in other users as well. Eg: Spin the wheel or Spin to win a contest.

Drawing to a conclusion

Human psychology is the place, which is the soft target of viral marketing. Even though the content is the very backbone of any form of marketing strategies, alone content will not fetch enough appreciation if you are at all looking for spreading your mobile application. Person or persons responsible for marketing must keep few factors in mind, which needs inclusion into the UI/UX of the mobile application development framework. And they are:
  • Indirect hint at social taboo.
  • Unusual and uncommon in a satiric way.
  • Outrageous content lying between the state of hilarious and remarkable.
  • Secret content to trigger mixed emotions among readers.
Top-rated mobile application development companies can memorize the mentioned four points or secret charms if they are at all vying to go viral in the social media, which is the main initiator of viral contents.  Applications such as Blue Whale Game and Sarahah.com recently got viral in the social sites for the simple reason that both the applications directly struck a chord in the human psychology since both were offering something, which is out-of-the-ordinary. Sarahah.com became popular since the entire concept of receiving secret messages from unidentified users enticed the users. This very character turned out to be the reason for its eventual downfall. Blue Whale, on the other hand, attacked the weak psychology of the teenagers and impressionable youths. It got viral for all the wrong reasons mostly among the unstable minds. And we do see one common factor underlying the popularity of both the apps and i.e. attack the human psychology.
Availing the service of hired mobile app developers dedicated and experienced with the right set of skills to make your application go viral is advisable and for this, consider appointing one such as Fluper to meet your requirements.
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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Comfort comes with a Price: App-based Taxi Crises

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The ios or android mobile application developers came up with an application based taxi which has been increased with Uber and ola being the big sharks of the taxi industry. Every invention comes with pros and cons, although sitting at your sofa and lowering the taxi in front of your house using the mobile application saves a hell of a struggle on the street and makes you feel luxurious too the troubles associated with the new implementation are unveiled only after the experience.

No doubt the commuting has been easier than before for the people with Smartphone in their hands. It is a great business solution as well because of the benefits of the third-party applications such as GPS, taxi management system and social sharing etc. The payment gateways are benefiting from the taxi based application.

But the after effects cannot be predicted, let’s check out the hidden loss of credit.
In spite of being the best option for traveling from one point to another locally and now even interstate is available on the taxi based application. Nobody talks about the inconvenience that was never experienced before.  The idea of taxi based application is totally new and so are the problems with its usage. It might be not as huge as the traffic problem that this application happens to solve but it’s got few setbacks.

Surge pricing
For all those who do not understand what surge pricing is, it is a marketing term which means the state of the market when the demand is excessive and the supply is less and the supplier tends to increase the cost. The increased cost is called surge pricing. In case of taxi booking app business, the market consists of the supply of car drivers and demand of passenger. At times there are more people commuting in an hour than the number of cabs available. Therefore, the prices tend to increase by a certain percentage and due to more availability of passengers; the driver tends to cancel the rides which cause inconvenience to passenger’s plans.

 Impact on drivers
Before it was just Uber in the market and the drivers would earn through surge pricing but with other competitors coming in the market, the average income of the drivers has been pushed downwards. Hence, the drivers had to increase the working hours to earn the same amount that they would make a year or two years ago.

Survival in the Industry
With more competitors in the market, the taxi based applications have to come up with new schemes and strategies. For example, the experience of the limousine is given at a cheaper rate to increase the number of rides although the expense is on the drivers which in return will account for poor services by the driver due to frustrations among the drivers.

Ease of Access
The drivers are unknown of the location until the trip is initiated which makes the passenger board from the exact location and the driver can’t cancel it.  The passenger doesn’t have to wait for longer estimated hours but it affects the drivers who have expensive cars and are not fit to move through muddy and broken roads. These are the add-on expenses over the drivers which go from their pockets.

Shared Cab Services
Although shared cab services are wonderful and benefit all three the passenger, the driver, and the application provider. The main demerit is not all people love to adjust. If the car has a capacity of three who can sit comfortably and one of them just comes along that causes the uncomfortable journey and can lead to disputes among the passengers and might decrease one regular passenger.

Closing words
Taxi-based application is great and have been a cure for traffic problems but the after effects can only be seen once it starts to implement the need for continuous improvement based on feedback is necessary for mobile application development companies on regular basis or else no matter how good the solution is if it isn’t accepted by the mass it makes no difference and disappears in no time.

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Monday, 20 November 2017

Wait up!!! What if you could Fly Planes using Smartphone?

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Yes, you read it right, being a child we all loved to fly paper planes which eventually used to drop down immediately but still, it felt so good. Well, the digital age generation gets to fly them and control them as well. 

The literal meaning of drone is a male bee for it sky is the limit and so is for the kids of the digital age. Drone is also known as unmanned aircraft vehicles; they were originally built for military use. 

Here is a fact; the term drone was opposed by the aviation professionals so now it’s referred as UAVs. They are seen in business to cover a particular event because of the camera placed on the top of the UAV and can be either controlled by control panel made using
android application development or instructed computers. Multiple applications can be seen for UAV. For example 



-Passenger vehicle

-Delivery purpose

Let’s check out top UAV apps….

·        UAV forecast
Every country has its rules and regulations and the sky doesn’t have strong boundaries like land. Hence it is very necessary to know the coverage area of your flight. This mobile app developer makes sure that you could get all the possible information required to take off your UAV.  As per your location, it gives the forecast for visibility, wind speed, temperature etc. The application is used to identify no-fly zones.

·        Hover
The mobile app development at Hover have made the UAV controlling very efficient. Apart from providing the navigation of no-fly zone, it also provides international no-fly zone by AirMap.io. Flight logs are also covered by this application along flight readiness indicator. The entire forecast is covered by this application with details like wind speed, direction and rain condition. Constant news feeds are telecasted by the application as well.

·        B4UFly
This application helps the pilot fly his UAV within the law and focuses on keeping the pilot away from any trouble that can involve judgment over their action. It is more of a warning app which indicates you with the prohibited areas. This application is only accessible in the USA.

·        AirMap
The above-mentioned apps are providing the basic features so, AirMap had to come up with the new feature. They focused on the safety of the UAVs, it enables you to view pilot profile, gives you access to airspace data with super fast vector map, Flight notifications are given in form of digital files and real-time alerts.

·        Drone Assist
This application is for UK region only. The Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic Control joined hands to launch this application and thousands of drone pilots downloaded this application. This application again provides caution notification and helps to keep the pilot away from the prohibited area.

 To Sum Up

UAVs have not able to reach the fancy stage of a particular invention but it’s evolving. It has been in use by the military for a long time. NASA uses it to have samples from other planet monitored. In media coverage, its used commercially and photographers make use of these UAVs for covering an event from the top. The popularity of drones will come into the market after a way is found to make it available for common people. Many big sharks have opened their doors to explore the innovation in this area and mobile application development companies will be looked upon for a user end application.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Why Few Apps say no to your Smartphone?

You hear about this amazing mobile application your friend is running on his phone. You come back home and want to use the same application and see for yourself but your phone doesn't support the applications and you are mad at the Smartphone Company or mobile application development companies.

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Don't get mad and see why it's not working?
Every Smartphone has different manufacturing techniques and architecture which makes it distinct from other handsets in specifications. There is a large market of electronics and good players come with a variety of features for their product but all are working with a common operating system Android except for ios, they are not compatible with any manufacturer.

OS updating
The developers keep adding new features to the existing operating system. The latest version of Android is Android 7 Nougat and ios has ios 11.2 as per a recent release. To get updated with time you got to update your mobile operating system regularly. Your phone gives you a notification every time a new updating is done through internet.

Now to get that mobile app working you must update the latest version of Android on your Smartphone because that can be the reason for the failure of the application on your Smartphone.

Not every application is acceptable by all countries. The release of an application has to be done in different countries before using. The ios or android app developers might restrict the access in a country where the release is awaited.
This can be another reason for incompatibility of the application. The solution to this is either wait for the release in your country or search for the similar application in your application store which follows the norms of your country.

Memory requirement
The most talked about Smartphone iPhone is always categorize on the basis of the amount of memory it has and the price of the product varies accordingly. Therefore, memory is a very important parameter for any Smartphone manufacturer as well as an android or ios app development companies.

Few applications are multi-variable, they access your phones camera, memory, transmitters etc for its functions and for that it needs more memory to run its files on your device.
This can be another factor for the failure of the application on your Smartphone.

Distinct operating systems  
We have multiple platforms for creating mobile applications like android, ios or Linux. Not every phone supports the application you have a creator, the mobile app developer first keeping mind the platform they are creating the application. An ios application developer has different skill sets whereas the Android developer has different skill sets and as far as a Linux application developer is concerned he works differently as well.

There is a possibility that the application you are trying to install was not written for the type of operating system your phone is installed with.

To conclude

The above listed are the possible reasons why your phone is not compatible with some of the ios or android applications. Once you understand why your phone is unable to install a particular application which can be determined by the plus icon on below of the message displayed for the incompatibility of the application. The top application development companies can help you with the solutions as well such as



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