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Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in India 2017

Top Web Development Company in India

The concept of mobile app development is diffusing day by day in India. Similarly there are thousands of mobile app development in India but the real struggle starts to find the most competent mobile app development company in India. It is as scare as hen’s teeth, hence it is a task of lots of patience, in order to save you from the tasks of irk-some, and I have gathered a premier list of top mobile app development companies in India. These companies are dignified niche not only in the domain of India but they withstood the aspirations of clients across the globe. They possess the required expertise which makes them top Mobile App Development Company in India

CMMI level 3 software developer pioneered among the top mobile application development company located in India as well as United States. They are known to deliver the scalable enterprise mobile app in iOS and Android as well. Since this is an offshore development company, comes up with the notion of final destination covering the entire domain of mobile application development from app strategy, app designing and development till its app marketing and app porting. It has nurtured one of the world’s top designers, software developers and other tech-savvy mobile app developers. With their cutting-edge technology they have successfully developed Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and even web based apps. OpenXcell has created a benchmark on delivering top quality software products to some of the most esteemed clients around the world.

Real-time mobile app development, real time web app, collaboration apps, tracking apps, whiteboard animation apps, slack bot, Telegram Bot, and wearable mobile app. 
A NASSCOM accredited 9001:2008 certified, IBM, and Google certified website and mobile app design and Development Company catering in India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. Completed more than 125 projects efficient enough to serve end-end mobile domains. With their amazing response and incredible designs with seamless approach it has served efficiently to stand one of the top-most offshore mobile app development companies. With the help of most intelligent, proficient and experienced mobile app developers Fluper has boasted in the top league with additional in-house gaming studio in order to manufacture 2D and 3D Apps.

Android Application Development, Android Game Development, Android Tablet Development, iPad Application Development, Cross Platform Application Development, ionic Application Development, PhoneGap Application Development, Xamarin Application Development, Enterprise Application Development and Wearable application development.

A mobile focused software Development Company over three years of experience. They have successfully wrapped up numerous projects with the reputed clients based all over the world. With the efforts of their proficient and tech savvy mobile app developers it has reached the organisation to culminating point of success. They are known to give the ideal business solution with exceptional mobile application on iOS and Android platforms. With their dedicated and determined workforce it has proved with the robust product strategy, responsive designs, scalable mobile app development, prominent user acquisition and product iterations. They believe in beefy combination of innovation and intelligence which is channelized with the help of robust and reliable methodologies. 

Mobility, Internet of Things, ERP, CRM and SCM

Debut Infotech
An organisation with a team of sharpest strategic thinkers coming from different backgrounds. With the help of fanatic designers, engineers, UI/UX strategists they produce top quality mobile apps according to the business model across the globe. With the mobile application development, they have extended it to website development, Internet of Things and Cloud Applications as well. 

 iPhone app development, Android App development, PHP development and Laravel Development, Enterprise app development and application integration.

Source Bits 
A Globo group of company extended all the services to go beyond the excellence. They ensure responsive interaction. With the help of their competent, accomplished and versatile mobile app developers and tech savvy personnel’s they create robust business strategy, and jaw-dropping UI/UX design. They follow a delineated product lifecycle management to meet the entire evolving needs. They focus on max to provide mobile makeover and robust UI/UX design prototype. They are dedicated enough to follow a comprehensible method of testing, analysing and followed by optimisation of app in order to get the maximum results. They conduct more than 60 workshops accomplished more than 600 projects with the help of more than 150 enlightened global employees.


Enterprise mobile design and Development, Consumer Mobile design and Development, iOS Development, Android Development, Responsive web, the Internet of Things, Wearables, Product Lifecycle Management and UI/UX Design.
The list is not yet accomplished and still undergoing comprehensible research in order to get the most authentic list of top mobile app development companies in India.

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6 Tips for Pick-Out The Best Web Designer for Your Business Sites

Cross Platform App Development Agency

Website building is not just a spare time pleasure. While it is credited with the maximum exposure of the professionals and businessmen with various social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, but still people always look for a lucrative but professional-looking website so as to establish trials and tribulations not for delusions of grandeur. Now the services enabled building a professional-looking website easier than a traditional site-development. It can be successfully created with responsive site which can run well on both the desktop and mobile as well.

The ultimate motive lies with the high-end account option which successfully offer serious business and overall allowances in order to accommodate loading of heavier traffic rather than their consumer versions.

Proper delineation of user’s wants

Before looking for someone eligible web designer, it is quite essential to get a clear vision. For that you can form a list of websites you admire and draw down the reason of liking it. To get a desirable output at the end, a proper segregation of websites on the basis of aesthesis, other on the basis of their function and workflow.

A proper depiction in case you are looking for modern or trendy sites, or favour traditional or conservative site. It is also essential to know whether the content is going to be added by you regularly or will be updated by the developer once in a year. On the basis of this, a proper screening can be done successfully on the basis of the long-term survival.

Agency track record

Although it is quite essential to look for the portfolio or case studies of the web designing agency before considering. But it has to be self-appraised i.e. Is the agency you have considered a recognized one? In case you can a form a list of the top web designing agency with the help of a Google search. Do you like the web designs which the web agency produced as a portfolio? Are the designs web-friendly? Are they competent to manage the brand well? Are they aware about your field or any sort of experience? Are they adequate to make the desirable output according to your vision?

It will even be more fruitful if the web agency can produce testimonials from their customers. So a proper scrutiny of testimonials should be conducted. You can call the clients to ensure the testimonials are real. At the end you should verify how long the agency is serving. Although age is not essential but experience can be one of the criteria to spring-up trust for the web designing agency.

You can also seek the help of other business executives.

Professional Attitude

Staff are approachable or not will decide if the product is available within the given time-frame. So it is quite essential to maintain the synchronization with the web agency. It is quite essential for the web design agency to give importance to your interests rather than your development. Similarly it is important to explain you things easily rather than using unnecessary jargon and complicate the process further. You must be given sufficient time and discuss suitable and relevant strategies to tailor your vision.

All these are supported by proper attitude of professionalism.

Scrutiny of terms and conditions

There are panel of questions which would be quite helpful to alleviate problems in future:

  •     Are there any invisible costs like holding fees or set up fees?
  •     Are cost of maintenance included in the website design fees?
  •     Will you be getting source file, if yes when?
  •     Who possesses the source code?
There are various other terms and conditions which should be scrutinised and can seek help from other business executives in order to get proper characterization.

Do they outsource the work?

It is quite necessary to have idea if the project will developed within the house or will be outsourced. So there should be proper coordination with the team and in case the project is outsourced then you should be able to contact the team. In various companies there are separate account management and settlement team and development team for outsource. Although there are innumerable issues involved but the core one is the quality assurance which are sometime compromised in case there is lack of coordination with the development team. So back end code should be regularized and tight control on set of guidelines.

Any experience of Search engine optimization?

Most of small scale organization do not involve in their budget to engage a separate marketing team to work for Search Engine Optimization. For a knowledgeable and skilled web designer it should be emphasized on the process of search engine optimization and should also understand that web designing and SEO should go hand-in-hand. It is quite essential to design the web with a clean code in order to get the content indexable in the top-most search engine such as Google.


These are most essential tips to screen out the best web design agency to establish the enterprise legitimate.

Friday, 20 January 2017

How iOS is Impacted by the Launch of Swift Technology

Affordable Wearable Application Development Company in Noida

Apple took the industry by surprise when they announced the launch of their new programming language, swift at WWDC 2014. Prior to this, Objective-C was the choice of Apple for apps development for OS X and iOS for about 20 years. But from iOS 9 apps will be made in swift. Although there were changes and upgrades in the compilers of Objective-C, but now it’s a paradigm shift, forcing the developers and iOS app development companies to change the tools in their hands. In this blog I’ll explain what changes swift has brought about in the developer community and how it affects users.

Developers loving it!
Alex Chung, founder of Giphy, describes Objective-C as “a real pain”, he continues, it just really old school…it’s like speaking Latin”. This looks justified because in Objective-C, if one character is missed, entire code will nothing but a piece of junk. Finding out error is more tedious and time eating. Swift is trying to offer the best, it is based on the high languages like Python and JavaScript.
Swift tries to give the developer the comfort of a scripting language and capability of a programing language, with the introduction of playground, which is one of its kind. You can write code and see the implications of the code line by line. Previously dev had to write the code, then compile which may take from few seconds to few minutes depending on the size of the code, and then only he can see the reaction of the code.
While unfolding, Apple described swift as “Objective-C without C”, which simply means easier coding. In Objective-C, simple print need to be given in a sentence, while swift makes it swift by just typing “println”. Apple also argues the better memory management and improved enumerations in swift.

User’s Interests
Apps are developed for those who are not developers, and they care about the performance and not about the programing language. According to apple, swift apps are faster than Objective-C apps by 93X. This is one thing that catches the eye of the user. Apple announces swift 2 in 2015, which is going to be open source, this will attract more developers in the business, and more developers means more competition, which in turn benefit the user.
Lesser coding also means more and faster updates, as the developer has to write less. Swift also license the developer to create more heavy apps in much less time, giving an edge to the user in terms of operability.

It’s all not roses
The launch of swift has affected the ongoing projects in iOS app development companies, now with swift more developers will be launching their apps and the under development apps will be sold at throat-cut margins. Moreover, for now, Objective-C and swift has to go hand in hand with the use of frameworks.

Looking for an app for your business?
Fluper Ltd is one of the best iOS app development company in Noida, providing comprehensive apps at affordable prices. With the global client experience and expertise in app development, we offer best solutions. You can reach us at

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Eclipse for Android App Development

Top Android Tablet Development Company

Eclipse and Android are two terminologies that enables android app developer to create a customized development environment. It facilitates the creation of not only desktop but also mobile and web applications. Since it is quite a versatile tool, it enables adding different plug-ins by using different programming languages. These plug-ins enables to create different platforms for instance Android, windows, and Blackberry.
Android is the most powerful tool provided by Google. It is an operating system designed for the smartphones and tablets. Since it is accessed to diverse set of hardware and is exposed to continuous changes, and also to extend, this makes the job of Android app developer quite challenging. Eclipse which is considered to be the main feature is best explained setting it up in Android App development.

Workspace Setup

Eclipse are used to develop various types of applications whereas workspace is the folder on the same drive of the computer. This folder consist of application’s resources and code, code libraries which are used by the application, and metadata which are utilized to keep track on the environment information.
Creating up the project

With the help of Eclipse, all Android apps are developed within a single project. To get started with your first app, you have to create the project first. Developing a new project is followed by stepping a series of windows and then moving it to make judicious step to configure the app. SDK which stands for Software Development Kit which is a set of code libraries to write software for the particular platform. To provide the functionality, API sets the routine to access the resources. What an Android device looks for the installing of an app, there comes SDK into existence. To ensure the latest version of Android operating system SDK is set. To associate the icon in the app Configure Launcher Icon is used that enables the app to be displayed with respective app name. Android apps which run on Android app device to ensure app’s SDK requirement.
The next step of configuring the project is to Create Activity Window where an Activity is considered to be the essential component. All the essential functionality is ensured by the activity and layout which is known to be its associated layout. 

Components of the IDE 
Editor which is considered to be the centre section where all the essentials of the development work is done which includes writing code and UI design. It enables to switch between XML code and graphical layout which generates the layout. While working on the monitor Package Explorer which is left-sided which shows the structure of Android app and employed to move different components within the app. All the Java codes files are contained in the Src folder.
Within the package Explorer it consists of all the res folder. It consists of various resource files which are essential for the Android app.
These are followed by the layout folder. For the interface of the app it contains all the layouts. When a user clicks the menu button all the menu items are displayed by the menu folder.
All the configuration data is contained in the values folder which uses this information for limiting the hard-coding of changeable data. It enables the android app developer to take the benefit of various OS capabilities. 

Android Manifest

This is the independent files which is used to configure the entire app which are enabled by the multiple apps which are colligated with the manifest to configure the aspects of the app. It includes the version Code and Version Name elements. Version code which identifies the new version of the app and the Version Name identifies the displayed version of the app. This is done through Interpretation of XML . The ability to manipulate XML is considered to be the critical skill for the android app developer which followed by the Configuring the Emulator. 

Configuration of Emulator

Android apps which are being tested on either Android device or emulator provided by the Eclipse IDE which stimulates the Android based device i.e. before the app published. 

Setting up Run Configuration

The final step is set the testing environment to use this newly built AVD which is followed by coding the interface, coding App Behaviour and adding code.


All the steps aforesaid are used to set eclipse for Android app development to get the benefit of open source. These steps will enable to get the most desirable mobile app by android app development.

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5 Essential SEO Tips which Can Make the Content User Friendly

Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation which has become a volatile concept. But before getting into detail, it is quite essential to delineate the exact meaning of SEO. Basically it is a procedure of getting the traffic either “free”, “editorial”, “paid” or “natural” search result on the search engine. This is because of the fact that Google algorithm are exposed to take various changes. This algorithms which are made for this month, may not work for the next month. So SEO should always under the notion of “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”.

SEO works under the threshold of a perceived message that “keep-up” with each and every content. So obviously if you are catering something to the mass then your content would be successful enough in case if you are putting it on right everyone’s front and make them reach a portion of the knowledge. So it
Today Search Engine optimizers and best of the content writers can reach to the desired crest if they are hitting top on the SERP’S. So it is quite essential to hire search engine optimisation.
Optimisation of Rich answers
Although it is aimed to get top position with the target keywords by SEO analysts in Google. Now it is quite essential to look for the rich answers. According to the topmost organic results, rich answers cover the domain of approximately 20% of Google search results out of 840,000 keywords to trigger.

Although it doesn’t share a considerable proportion, but it is expected that it would rise in the future. 

Although various consulting group has bifurcated the factors to get the relevant answers for a considerable rank on rich answers but Google has intended to provide value to its user most rich and relevant answers on the basis of search query. Few instructions have been jotted down.

In order to optimize the target rich answers, it is quite essential to optimize your targeted keywords. Once the page is getting the rank on the first page, it would enable to get your content into the rich answer box. 

It should always kept into the mind that content is something which is generated across the globe. So an algorithm should not be considered as a predetermined science theory. It keeps on evolving. So SEO strategy should be phenomenal and robust.

Multi-media optimisation

Content is always considered to be as equivalent to the mere words. But the text is something beyond the multi-media optimisation. Although content includes regular blog posts and site content. But it also comprises of infographics, live streams, video, podcasts, slide share presentations, guides, images, eBooks, webinars, social posts and various other things. Content marketing will be simplified when the content is quite diversified and generate to land quality SEO backlinks. 

It is quite essential to create backlinks which are qualitative rather than quantitative. With the help of backlinks with the right keywords the website will be compatible with the search engines. 

When the content is further expanded to other forms of content then it would enhance the user engagement or further moulded to repurpose content.

In order to reach the large audience in order to draw the eyes, multi-pronged approach should be adopted and similarly to deep dive the topic a long blog can be further distilled down into something which visually appeals to 35-minutes webinars.

So the ultimate motive is to generate intense user engagement.

Strategies to make your site super-fast
Top Digital Marketing Company

There are various strategies to make in site super-fast, for instance , improvised hosting plan, understanding HTTPS requests, create internet-friendly images, trim down the external scripts, Optimisation of JJS and CSS files, elimination of website baggage, and use of CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network. 

With the help of these strategies customers will be satisfied with the superfast loading pages and this can be done with eliminating of all the irrelevant information on the website.

Always look for a website mobile friendly

In case the website is to prioritize by the search engine like Google so it is quite essential to choose mobile friendly websites by keeping the design short, precise content, serving the image which can easily be optimised for the device like mobile and with the help of responsive approach to web development which ensures a better user experience which easily consolidate with your website and SEO is not required a separate mobile URL. 

Google is leader, but don’t overlook Bing and Yahoo

It is a wrong thought process that Google is the king and the only search engine. To get your content global it is quite essential to use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo in order to attract customers and to get the website on top of the list of SEO ratings. 

To get the ultimate content it is quite essential to let your Freak flag fly which is the ultimate motive of SEO. Although these are very few strategies, but in case you have other robust strategies to do best with the content please let us know. Our representatives at Fluper will be glad to entertain queries or suggestions if any. 

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How Fluper Caters to Your Diversified Business

Diversification is all about exploring the impulsive market, building up new products and taking on new risks. This is considered to be a strategy to maintain stability in this fierce competition. For instance in the market of finance, it revolves about hedging the best bet. To create a buoyancy in the portfolio in case any of the investments does pan out the desirable outcome, then you must have reckoned with another backup plan to modulate your step in the market of dynamism.
Diversification revolves around the market demand and in this era of smartphone when the demand for smart devices are accelerating at a faster pace, it is quite essential to cater the rising demand and heighten up to the reach with products and websites to the users. Fluper a web andmobile app designing and Development Company, and a platform where you can get best of the web and mobile app developers for Android, iOS, window with the ultimate motive to meet the diversified demand of the apps. It always try to follow the company’s interest rather than its development. It serves authentic services to maximise the welfare of the clients. In order to with certify our skills and work we provide authentic client testimonials according to the client’ verticals. An India-based company surrounded by experienced strategists, designers, developers and marketers to ensure smooth performance.
Efficient in creating Android App Development
Android is considered to be the most common devices and the covered approximately 75% of the global marketplace since android has reach to the large masses. But while developing an Android app developer it has to be kept in the mind that it does not have a common user interface. So keeping in mind the challenges and opportunities so Android App developer must possess these qualities.
Our Android App developers has immense knowledge how to optimize the android app which offers numerous advantages and are compatible with all the devices. Our developers are talented enough to create unique app with spontaneity. They are aware of the audience since we go for an intense market research. When the demographic target is essential and making it shareable which is the most important step to reach the target audience.
Our top mobile app developers are quite specialised in customising, designing, developing, testing and launching of Android application.
Our dedicated developers have crafted applications that covers the domain of chatting & Messaging, M-commerce, Augmented reality Taxi& Travel and Logistics.
They are talented to possess in dealing with Android from Ice-cream Sandwich to Marshmallow. 

Competency in building up iOS App Development

Our iOS app developers are efficient with Swift. It is the programming language for Apple and this is expected to be the language for iOS in future, spatial reasoning i.e. visualise the spatial relation, ability to think 3-D, design guideline for creating intuitive and many more. These are the qualities which are possessed by our iOS app developers.
Similarly an iOS app developer must possess knowledge about Model-view-controller, delegate pattern, Networking, Core Data, Git and GitHub and Grand Central Dispatch. Our iOS app developers are well-versed with these concepts and are enough in designing and developing iOS app development. They have the enough potentiality to craft competitive apps to stay unaffected in the fierce Competition.

Possessing talented PHP web Developers

There are various programming language which a PHP web developer must be proficient like HTML, XHTML, AJAX, Zen, My SQL and CakePHP. We understand that it is the most language preferred for web portal development. We empower the PHP talent and make assessment to render the best outcome for the clients.


Fluper is the hub of experienced and talented mobile and web app developer. We leverage according to the client’s businesses with the cost-effective manner. With the help of dedicated developers we provide end-to-end web and mobile design and development services from startup to the established enterprise across the globe to serve the diversified business with the help of experienced developers and expertise. 

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Queries to Put-Up Before Hiring an Android App Developer

Top Ionic Application Development Services in Noida

Android has turned to be the most popular operating system developed by Google and implemented in most of the smart phones and tablets. It has covered the entire arena by approximately 85%. Since Android has covered and dominated the global marketplace, so it is quite essential to leverage a professional who is not only skilled enough in software to reach the vast new markets. But the strategies to be initiated to access by the maximum number of users.
Android has opened up a source platform which always look for highly-skilled and experienced expert who can customize your project to fit according to the vision of the project. The ultimate thing is that competition is quite fierce and the app has to withstand in the thunder. 

How many android apps did the developer executed?

There are various problems that always hamper the performance of android app developer. Like Google Play store crashing which creates the issue of unable to download, Wipe Google Play History and problem of not having a common user interfaces. These are few problems which are always faced by the android App developer. If these disadvantages are aware of by the developer, then less issues are expected to spring-up. So, it is quite inevitable to look for an experienced android mobile app developer.
Another query is to evaluate how much the app development company is reliable. For a good appraisal then you can go to look for the portfolio which will be a better guide to understand how many winning apps did they developed till this date.

What are the core service, the android developer deals with? What is the procedure of conducting the test?

This is although an inevitable fact that app quality directly influence the long term success of not only the app but also to the brand. It is very important that to have a look on the compact set of the core services and the relevant tests. There are various parts of the android app development which includes Visual Design and User Interaction, Functionality, Compatibility, stability and performance, security, Google Play, followed by test procedures. As far as tests procedures are concerned it includes core suite, Installation on SD card, Acceleration on Hardware, Performance and stability, Performance monitoring, battery, security, Google play and Payments.
So it is quite essential to ask if they perform the tests properly. There are various tests which gives the vision to the company if they assures quality?
A mobile application development is a total package of processes starting from comprehensive research to the quality test pre and post launching.
The mobile app developer should be answerable if found any issues with the functionality. Asking for the portfolio is not an ultimate task, there should be proper analysis of the work done before. If required then you may interact with the previous clients so that they you can assure of the fact that you will come up with an incredible app in the intense fierce of competition. 

What about the credentials?

Top iPhone Application Development Company in Noida

Reputation of creating android app is the main qualification, but beyond that it is quite essential to see if the clients are not biased. Although a mobile app developer may be efficient enough in creating apps running on iOS platform, it may be a positive sign which gives the vision of credibility in multiple platform, but then you must be aware about the fact that there are difference between the platforms. You can take the help from the media and blogs.
But also don’t forget to see the other side of the coin. It may be possible the developer company may involve in publishing misleading statistics. So to check the authenticity, you can take the help from the Google rankings.

What are the components they consider while pricing the app?

Since the android app developer has to undergo with various challenges, for instance software and hardware fragmentation, innumerable carriers, security high market research costs, patent issues and many more. These challenges put forth direct as well as indirect impact on the cost. Although it is a very big investment so expenses and costs should not be overlooked.
To alleviate this situation, how well an android app developer can absorb these challenges and does not let to fall impact on the cost of the app can be an aspect of evaluation. But it does not give the notion that low cost, effective app. So the above point should be well-evaluated to get the desirable outcome. 


Although there are innumerable questions, this is something very obvious when you are investing massively to get the desirable outcome. But investing is not sufficient, you must develop a good synchronization so that you do not fall into the prey of deceitful app developer.

So, in case you are looking for a trusted web and mobile app designing and development, then Fluper is here who crafts the app according to your Vision. It is the most trusted organization who have catered clients across the globe with authentic services.

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Significance of Mobile Apps in Modern Business

Top Rated Mobile App Developer in Noida

According to Counterpoint, smartphone shipments in India is expected to clock a record figure of 35 million units, establishing a 25% YoY growth. This glaring statics has proved that smartphones are at a hand’s reach in the country. And people put them to a good use (apart from calling and texting), I’m talking about apps. There is an app for almost everything. Therefore, it is no wonder why every mobile app development company is going on board.

Globally speaking, 79% depends on smartphones for shopping, in India too, mobile based payments is a booming industry of US $ 1.4 billion as in FY’ 15, and is expected to grow exponentially.
So, what does an app offers that websites can’t? Here are some benedictions of an app,

Better Bridge

Customers don’t play the waiting game, do they? Apps can connect the customers to the business really rapidly, they don’t need to go to the systems and type for the website, apps open in seconds. And through a rock strong mobile presence buyer can connect to you anytime, without wondering for working hours when common humans are available.
It provides a regular face of the business to the users. In fact, most of the buyers see the apps to consider for buying the product.

Stronger Bond

Every great business is built on friendship (at least it should be). Business houses wants to increase sales, and at the same time they want to provide a gratification to the customer. One way of doing this providing loyalty programs, and here, apps come into play. Apps are the best platform to offer such programs.
Many of the business lay on this model for their success. Shuttl, an app based city bus booking platform offers to add users and get free rides in turn. Paytm, a mobile payment gateway offers cashback on every transaction which can be redeemed in things like mobile recharge, free coffee etc. Uber also, offers the customers discount coupons on regular use of the taxi booking app.

Increased Sales

Top Mobile Application Developer in Noida

Domino’s Australia sales skyrocketed with the launch of the mobile app that allowed buyers to customize their own pizzas. The story iterates in UK, where sales grows by 19% when the pizza ordering app is introduced back in 2015.
Mobile apps offer most convenient way of ordering the stuffs online. And for the folks who thinks users hesitate to order online, it’s so yesterday thing. Availability of GPS increases the efficiency of the product provider to come up with the order quickly and precisely.

Saves tones of Cash

Mobile Apps saves money spend on advertisement through paper and boards. A clean developed app can increase productivity by up to 40% thus creating room for increased revenue. Websites, on the other hand are expensive and rigid to change.
Social networking API’s are force multipliers in the advertisements of the brand. Features like push notifications and offline access establishes the edge over websites.

The Bottom Line

With 2.6 billion smartphones around the globe, mobile apps have never been so significant in the past. It’s not only about quantity but quality too, researches shows that people spend 86% of their total mobile time on apps.
With the glowing figures of apps on different app stores proves the unharmed future of the apps in the business. 

Still Confused?

Fluper Ltd. is one of the top  mobile app development company in Noida. You can contact them at 

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Amazing Tips to make App Design and Development Easy

“If you have an amazing idea, looking forward to get end-to-end support for app design and development but are confused with how to craft a perfect designed and developed app then stay tuned till the end”

With App Demand, supply of app has also become necessity hence this is the time when all your amazing app ideas may come into function and become profitable and popular in this Era. With our end-to-end comprehensive mobile app design and development guide your Idea can be reality by successfully implementing application. No technical understanding or in-depth study of application design and development is needed to get a perfect app running.
Extensive Experience and Expertise tends to make us competent enough to formulate 5 Tips to get your MVP/Demo App designed and developed in a perfect way which are as following:

1. Understand Your Idea

Unique or Better Idea can only win the competition in market. App you are keen to design and develop should be able to create an impact on user by solving any current problem. It is always important to analyse idea before dedicating time and effort on it. Feasibility and Uniqueness are very important to make application design and development successful. In order to understand the same, it is better to list out all the USPs which are the strong points of your idea and Challenges or weak points of your idea. So before actually hiring a mobile application design and development company or developer, finding these factors are necessary. Technical feasibility and analysis is not your part to be done it is the expertise of duty of mobile app developer to get these things sorted out for you. They will give a perfect shape to your idea by breaking your idea into technical modules for design and development process. Face-to-face brainstorming can enable them to lay out a perfect road map of your idea. Hence you don’t have to worry about design or development operations as they needed to be carried out by them by listing all the features and functionalities and formulating a document for further process.

2. Wireframing or Blueprinting of App

Perfect application design and development starts with perfect modelling and structuring of app. Wireframing is architecture of app which models all the features and functionalities needed to implement within app. There are many tools like Balasmiq, Mocking bird to carry out wireframing. Wireframing gives a perfect insight about whether road map or directions to be followed are correct or not.

3. Craft your MVP/Demo of App

After a perfect requirement analysis and wireframe, now we can focus in crafting the first version or a demo version of your idea into reality. This version is called Minimum Viable Product which signifies minimum focus on perfection or implementation but complete focus in clear understanding, defining of app features and functionalities in order to demonstrate value added by app design and development from user point of view. MVP/Demo App also enable us to win up initial criticism to gain investments or funding in case of a startup idea. 

4. Perfect Milestone Planning


Milestones are breakdown of features and functionalities needed to be implemented in terms of modules. Specifications of Technologies to be used, efforts in man hours in every module design and development, delivery time of every module with the allocation of team members in every module should be documented perfectly before design and development of app.

5. App Design and Development

Major role played in this step is hiring a perfect mobile app design and development company or developer for building the application in case of getting a perfect expertise in app design and development. Decision needed to be made on the basis of experience, expertise, reviews and feedback of app development company or developer. Hiring top app development company can be very advantageous as it become easy to complete and perfect app design and development within the time and cost expected. Hiring an end-to-end full stack development solution provider can enable us to design and develop apps in a more efficient and easy way possible within a cost effective price.

6. App Maintenance and Support

Advantage of implementing applications for business or clients is that the challenges, problems or bugs can be resolved and re implemented in next version of app. App design and development can be carried in stages or versions in order to understand the review or feedback of users so that in order to win hearts we can make necessary changes or resolve the current faced challenges for perfect app launch in next stage or version.

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Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers More Often

Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers More Often

The expanded utilization of mobile phones has improved the interest for the mobile applications, all around. The organizations are utilizing different mobile applications for their online business nearness and E-Commerce stores. In any case, the issue emerges when individuals believe that mobile application development is as straightforward as making an application for a desktop, which is not really. The mobile application developers & designers need to confront various difficulties while building up an intense mobile application. Here the main challenges that are confronted by the mobile application developers:

1) Fitting Everything into A Small Screen: In the examination of the desktop screen, the mobile phones are smaller. The application design that made by desktop screen won't fit into the mobile screen. Along these lines, it is vital that application ought to the configuration as indicated by the mobile phone and it included just fundamental things.

2) More Accurate and Easy Navigation: Although, the mobile clients utilize their fingers for route rather than a mouse, which give more exactness to them. In this way, while planning the User Interface (UI), the designers ought to remember this, and makes the UI shows with amplified communication focuses rather than normal sizes.

3) Coding should be done according To the Mobile Storage: As memory and hard drive space have expanded, the memory allotment has now moved to the foundation where mobile application development is matters. Despite the fact that, the mobile phones have a constrained measure of memory and hard drive space, the applications coding ought to be finished by remembering the memory and capacity.

4) Optimizing Layout and Flow of the Mobile: Although the mobile phones have a little screen estimate, the mobile application design ought to consider the screen sizes by building up the application. Rather than fitting everything onto a solitary screen, the mobile application ought to build up various screens and an appropriate route framework.

5) Amiable User Experience:
If your application is not agreeable and simple to use, there are tremendous possibilities that the clients didn't download your application. Additionally, the terrible client experience can make a negative picture of the application or mischief your mobile application picture. In this way, it is basic that your application ought to give a brilliant client encounter and draw in more clients to utilize it.


There are many difficulties that are confronted by the mobile application developers by building up an effective and proficient application. Aside from the development moves, it is additionally essential that the mobile application designer ought to have sufficient information and involvement in application development. In the event that it not, it won't have the capacity to make a decent, appealing and easy to use application. In this way, while selecting a development organization, ensure that they have years of involvement in building up a productive mobile application. Interface with the top organization of Mobile application development, and get the best mobile application for your business.

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Brief About Mobile App Development Process

This is the brief introduction of how to start your mobile application development process. These are major step which build your effective mobile app.