Friday, 13 January 2017

Significance of Mobile Apps in Modern Business

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According to Counterpoint, smartphone shipments in India is expected to clock a record figure of 35 million units, establishing a 25% YoY growth. This glaring statics has proved that smartphones are at a hand’s reach in the country. And people put them to a good use (apart from calling and texting), I’m talking about apps. There is an app for almost everything. Therefore, it is no wonder why every mobile app development company is going on board.

Globally speaking, 79% depends on smartphones for shopping, in India too, mobile based payments is a booming industry of US $ 1.4 billion as in FY’ 15, and is expected to grow exponentially.
So, what does an app offers that websites can’t? Here are some benedictions of an app,

Better Bridge

Customers don’t play the waiting game, do they? Apps can connect the customers to the business really rapidly, they don’t need to go to the systems and type for the website, apps open in seconds. And through a rock strong mobile presence buyer can connect to you anytime, without wondering for working hours when common humans are available.
It provides a regular face of the business to the users. In fact, most of the buyers see the apps to consider for buying the product.

Stronger Bond

Every great business is built on friendship (at least it should be). Business houses wants to increase sales, and at the same time they want to provide a gratification to the customer. One way of doing this providing loyalty programs, and here, apps come into play. Apps are the best platform to offer such programs.
Many of the business lay on this model for their success. Shuttl, an app based city bus booking platform offers to add users and get free rides in turn. Paytm, a mobile payment gateway offers cashback on every transaction which can be redeemed in things like mobile recharge, free coffee etc. Uber also, offers the customers discount coupons on regular use of the taxi booking app.

Increased Sales

Top Mobile Application Developer in Noida

Domino’s Australia sales skyrocketed with the launch of the mobile app that allowed buyers to customize their own pizzas. The story iterates in UK, where sales grows by 19% when the pizza ordering app is introduced back in 2015.
Mobile apps offer most convenient way of ordering the stuffs online. And for the folks who thinks users hesitate to order online, it’s so yesterday thing. Availability of GPS increases the efficiency of the product provider to come up with the order quickly and precisely.

Saves tones of Cash

Mobile Apps saves money spend on advertisement through paper and boards. A clean developed app can increase productivity by up to 40% thus creating room for increased revenue. Websites, on the other hand are expensive and rigid to change.
Social networking API’s are force multipliers in the advertisements of the brand. Features like push notifications and offline access establishes the edge over websites.

The Bottom Line

With 2.6 billion smartphones around the globe, mobile apps have never been so significant in the past. It’s not only about quantity but quality too, researches shows that people spend 86% of their total mobile time on apps.
With the glowing figures of apps on different app stores proves the unharmed future of the apps in the business. 

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