Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Key Challenges that Crop Up while Developing Wearable App Development

Last year Apple Watch Series 2 was unveiled with a number of features improved over the predecessor. It brought with in-built GPS, improved resolution display and waterproof design that can efficiently survive deep in the sea. Apple is all set to bring these improvised version of both the original Apple Watch and Series 2 as well with the new update. Initially it is used to create the biggest challenge while sitting around in the cinema hall or concert where wearable’s screen springs up each and every time while the notifications get pushed through.
But it does not mean that its existence is at stake. With just a fitness tracker segment which managed to fetch approximately $700 million dollars and expected that by 2018, this segment is expected to fetch over $12 billion dollars. Consumers always look for the mobility and business always look for the efficiency. The wearable apps are poised enough, but creating a wearable device is not a cup of tea. Wearable appdevelopment companies always have some issues which can sometime distract from its point of equilibrium:
User Interface
Considering its current state, wearable devices are still in the early stage of development. If restrictive ourselves in the in the specific niche of UI and its gestures then application wise, smart watches are accommodated with a larger number of apps as compared with the smart glass as well presiding over a very low cost. Ever since smart glass managed to incorporate more complicated UIs and cannot be easily accommodated over the small device. It is not capable enough to integrate smart phone and smart glass with other small devices, streamlined end-user experience is followed by the speech-focussed commands and passive data collection as well hence simple design of UIs should be followed. Since flashy icons and detailed navigation cannot be easily accommodated. The most difficult part is that design elements cannot be easily accommodated in the small canvas which imposes a number of issues with the wearable app developer as they do not provide with cluttered design along with too many elements on the screen.
Quick updates of the app
Like technology is growing at an exponential rate. With the advent of new wearable solutions it comes with new programming languages. As applications push into wither new platforms or devices the APIS are also available to grow. For instance some wearable which are particularly created under the big name like Google are fabricated with the new API platform that can manage the app compatibility very easily.
But the biggest challenge for the wearable app development companies is the maintenance as soon as the app is available for download. Since the wearable devices are coming with the quick updates the developers are finding it difficult to modulate its steps. As soon as the app is not updated properly, it turns to be obsolete and hence there is a rising probability of getting it deleted from the list.
Desirable functionality
Mobility and ease of use are the two aspects of distinguishing the wearable app. App developers should always look for the convenience and that too at the stipulated price. Simple replication of the mobile will not cater to the purpose so a comprehensive research to be conducted to understand the desired needs of the users and functionality and mould an app accordingly. Hence cost and durability of these apps should be lucrative enough in order to maintain the long term survival.
According to the Latest survey of North American Consumer Technographics Consumer Technology which revealed that 42% looking for wearable that can be fastened around wrist, 35% on clipped onto cloth, 21% for earbuds and remaining on clipped on shoe, embedded into clothing , embedded in jewellery etc.
Data Privacy and security
With the advent of health surveillance tools that are efficiently ushered in the era of wearable that holds endless promises. Now the individuals are empowered enough to track sufficient control on the critical information regarding fitness. But the potential is challenged enough when data privacy and security is rivalled associated with the financial threat.
Wearable app development companies are deterred with primary issues such as data privacy and security concerns. With the help of clear communication and opt-in privacy that can calm the intensity of fear and also can build long-term relationship to improve the trust. With the help of proper security features it somehow proven to be effective enough to protect the sensitive credentials and can enhance the user confidence.
Partial device
Currently wearable app is considered to be the primary tethered devices i.e. small screen with the limited functionality which rely on the larger device so as to access all the features of the application. Until more development enable these device to function on their own , wearable app developers must consider the factors like phone’s battery dying, issues related to bluetooth range and also all other tether-breaking situations. Hence the more it possess the cross-platform capability the more better it is.
Hence wearable apps development is quite cumbersome but rewarding where adaptability is considered to be the key component for amazing user experience and passively will ensure its long-term survival.

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