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Top 10 iOS Application Development Companies in India

In the modern world of thriving mobile technology, having a business app is quite essential for a growing business. Since, smartphones are kept in front for both personal and professional use.There are two major platforms that are run over the smart devices i.e. Android and iOS. Business professional always face some sort of dilemma while choosing the platform that can accommodate well to their business requirements. Although both have prominent pros and cons but if you are concerned about great consumer experience or looking to penetrate in the developed countries markets then iOS can be a finer option which can further take initiative for brand recognition.

Although it can be a struggle to sieve out top iOS application development companies in India from a batch of thousands or even more. You must be aware of the fact that India is home of top companies where identifying the most appropriate iOS app development companies is as scare as hen’s teeth. So, I have endeavoured my efforts to find the most appropriate top rated iOSapplication development companies in India. Although they have created the most successful business-growing apps and still striving efforts to introduce the most innovative technology. They are proficient enough in the realm of iOS app development and possess all the qualities that can be utilised to interact more and more users in favour of your business. So, here is the most authentic list of top rated iOS application development companies in India.


A CMMI Level 3 for software development and ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system and successful performance as per the assurance. This organisation is a member of NASSCOM and GESIA. With privacy and confidentiality at its upmost priority, this organisation is the front-runner in the domain of iOS application development companies in India. It comprises of the industry experts and veterans that dedicate the best possible scalability, operability as well as functionality of iOS apps. This is an organisation which proved to be optimal in iOS application development not only in India but USA as well.


Sourcebits, a Globo Group company has successfully modulated amongst the top rated iOSapplication development in India. It is a global leader in creating premium designs. It possesses the top-notch iOS development team and a strategic business consultant which would make it happen to create the most agile app.  It has covered the entire domain from iPhone to Apple Watch and developed apps ever since first iPhone came into existence. It is already honoured with Apple Design Award oriented their innovation team.


A NASSCOM accredited 9001:2008 IBM and Google certified top mobile application development companies in India catering India, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. Their iOS app development services are reckoned by the amazing talented team of iOS developers who are proficient enough in working with exclusive technologies of Apple and Mac. They possess a magnificent team of designers that adept enough to create incredible designs marked by modest approach. They possess a core team of iOS app developers that are proficient enough to use the latest technologies from Swift, Objective C to SQLite database to create the most distinguishediOS mobile apps. These qualities have placed this company among the front runners and has satisfied all the qualities to modulate amongst the top rated iOS application development companies in India.

Code Brew Labs

Code Brew established in Chandigarh that curated with the robust approach of user acquisition in order to maximise profits by employing innovative ideas at low cost in order to accommodate completely according to the business requirements. It has created some of the most viral apps that has successfully hit the app stores. It ensures the best strategy to get the best possible reputation and Return on Investment. Started in 2013 it has coved the entire domain from inception to planning, and from designing to execution to get the most versatile iOS app. By employing the latest innovations, skills and zeal, it has got a prominent place in the race of top iOS application development companies in India.

Konstant Infosolutions
With the most innovative and customer-oriented mobile and web solutions, it has successfully established its prominent place by fabrication not only by visually attractive mobile apps but has also ensured to create the most amazing functionality. As far as iOS application development is concerned, it has created the most feature enriched, engaging and user friendly iOS apps by maintaining the essence of iOS mobile application development. By employing latest SDKs they have created the most differentiated iOS apps to bespoke client’s requirements.


Established in Noida, India it has successfully paved the way from conceptualisation to completion in order to create the beefy mobile app strategy. It has maintained the essence of iOS application with amazing UI/UX designs, comprehensive market research to understand the consumers insights and in case of business, it tries to create bespoke app according to the client’s requirements. With versatility over iOS platforms, it has successfully created iPad apps that can effectively convert from an existing iPhone app to the iPad or in other words cross-device app solutions to create the most distinguished iOS apps. These attributes have successfully placed them in the salient race of top rated iOS application development companies in India. 


A development wing of Affle MAAS that possess experienced developers and designers team which further intensified by integrated in-app platforms in order to optimise user experience. Their apps are modular with iterative prototypes in order to create the most path-breaking iOS apps. Hence it covers the entire domain of iOS application development from optimising development cycles to CRM segmenting and smart remarketing for the maximum Return on Investment.


Established in Trivandrum, India is the most reliable partner to get the most innovative custom mobile application development. What really makes it distinguishable is the quicker adaptation of emerging technologies, cross-industry experience, flexible engagement model and customer-centric approach. It effectively takes care of the conception, optimisation till the designing of the app to get it enlisted amongst among the top iOS apps in the App Store. This have strived them into the race of Top iOSapplication development companies in India


A technological company primarily focuses on mobile, web and cloud-based solutions. Headquarted in Chennai is a member of NASSCOM that has been known to deliver the most innovative apps to clients across the globe. It has already delivered more than 300 iOS apps. They understand the best of technologies to make interesting user experience and bespoke specific business demands.

Cygnet InfotechPvt. Ltd.

Headquarter in Ahmedabad, India has dedicated custom mobile app development services and mobile –web applications in order to advance the efficiency of the native applications by successfully leveraging business intelligence mobile solutions, end-to-end mobile solutions etc. By employing comprehensive solution delivery it caters the business requirements worldwide. In order to get the most spontaneous iOS apps it has comprised of with the most talented iOS mobile app developers, analysts and architects to get the most innovative iOS mobile apps.

The verdict
Although this list is yet to be accomplished which is reckoned by the comprehensive research to get the most authentic list of top rated iOS application development companies in India. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Strategies to Launch Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Development in India

The minute you have made up your mind to create the app, you must be fit in order with the marketing app strategies. Although it has been observed that many developers prioritise the part of development rather than strategies to make it available to the users and overlook strategies to ensure its long term survival. It seems sound enough when your app has to compete with 500 or 600 apps while considering the entire app store. Although this scenario would be the most admirable one for every mobile app marketer, isn’t it!

But with the evolution of mobile apps, there should be some modifications in your thought process i.e. apps have moved away from the standalone platforms and gradually getting incorporated with the extensive mobile strategies. Left those days when companies were engaging with the apps just for sake of having it. Now that it has left no room to recognize the magnificent impact of mobile application development, but still there are few pitfalls which must be acknowledged to evaluate the marketing of apps. Following are few of the strategies that must be regarded to ensure its long term survival.

Effective Pre-launch mobile app marketing strategy

Don’t wait for the D-day to market your app

With the uncertain future of the new masterpiece,consisting of more than 15 features and fabricated by the most experienced mobile app developers, your marketing efforts should start the moment you have got an idea to create an app. This concept is the most cardinal part as far as marketing strategies are concerned.

Although you have organised press releases, sales pitched to every inbox and voice-mail, but it can be quite temperamental relying on outside forces to advertise your app to success. Hence this must be regarded from the day one and must focus on making your marketing timeline augmentative. Initially the marketing investments seems to be emollient, as the time passes it continues to build and eventually it reaches the pinnacle point ensuring its arrival in the app stores.

Create effective strategies to engage potential customers and interested people early and often

It is quite essential to sieve out the potential customers as soon as you get your hand into the app creation. This step is quite essential to find the real users who can render the critical assessment to improve the app performance.

Although top mobile app development companies have identified twitter as the most essential tool to discover initial contacts since it is occupied by the technocrats who are known to be the early adopters as well as influencers. And in case if you are concerned about the industry content then there are few tools like Social Crawlytics, Topsy and Buzzsumo which helps you to  distinguish most important people in the concerned industry. Just because the tools are free of cost and provides the most influential content which can be twitted and as well as easily share, you must focus on the customers and their related problems as well as identify potential solutions. At the end, monitor the best practices that can help your brand to move forward.

Do not underestimate the power of blogging

In this impulsive competition, blogging has become an inherent voice of communication that would establish interest around your app. It also solidifies search visibility. Hence start dedicating a blog in order to give regular updates to your growing fan base on the succession of app’s development. Potential customer’s can be engaged by asking their precious inputs. In order to make your job simplified, there are various tools like Squarespace, WordPress and Tumblr which havealready come up innumerable options to use. There are various strategies which can improve search engine ranking of your blog for instance quality content, target keywords and other industry influencers that can be targeted in order to understand the competition. Hence, it must be clearly delineated that you must create a content that your customers want and need.

Get your hand into beta testers

Although the importance of beta testers have been identified from the startups to top rated mobile application development companies world-wide. It is quite difficult to expect an apps without any bugs. Every app is exposed from minor to major bugs which must be identified be employing beta bugs. But if these bugsare passed on to users, then it would fail to retain the apps. You must consider that if you ship something buggy, never expect to come back. These testers are effective enough to discover unique resources for further identification of targeted audience.

Effective post-launch mobile app marketing

Concentrate on user engagement and retention

In case you are concerned about the key marketing strategy, then paid user acquisition should not be your ultimate strategy. It is irrespective of what qualitative app you deliver, pumping in some money to get the initial downloads is quite satisfactory. But in the long run, you must reckon a robust marketing strategy to focus on the user engagement and retention.

If you are concerned about the paid user acquisition, then top mobile app development companies have identified paid channels that can best accommodate with other marketing strategies.  Top paid channels for best marketing of the app includes press release, online ads, App-cross promotion network, Facebook Targeted ads etc.

Proper delineation of metrics for mobile app

Although revenue can be regarded as the great indicator as far as success of the app is concerned, but it would be somewhat fallacious to indicate it as a long-term mobile app marketing metrics. Your team might sometime overwhelm to see the increasing amount of money with the increase in the number of downloads. But do you really regard it to draw the maximum people? Then it is the high-time to see the essential marketing metrics.

Customer support should be emphasized

This is something irrespective to the number of users, since you are a part of this impulsive market and every users must be given equal care. Your future survival depends upon the word of mouth which is considered to be the compelling tool for any marketer and can prove to be detrimental if you are not paying sufficient attention to the users.

Give sufficient freedom for push notifications

Although it has been observed that push notifications can boost app engagement considerablyand is considered to be the best way to drive users to readily engage with the apps on a regular basis. This is considered to be the optimal channel to nudge your users by taking photos or check in. But push notifications must be planned very carefully and must be provided way to the users in case they are looking to turn them off. Hence time zones must be emphasized enough while you are looking to send push notifications.


Mobile app marketing is considered to be as complicated as mobile app development which looks for the proper combination of time, creativity and efforts. It is capable to enough to yield the maximum benefit benefits if these strategies are executed properly. Hence aforesaid strategies can be implemented in order to ensure your app’s long run survival.

If you have any doubt or feedback, please let us know. Our representatives at Fluper are skilled and experienced enough to entertain your queries and regard your suggestions in future.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Developing an App Idea: Vital Steps to Consider

mobile app development in India

Mobile apps have always been a paradigm for other tech-based ventures as it took hardly a decade to invade the globe. The mobile app development companies are doing exceptionally outstanding and contributed significantly in the economy. In the present era, almost every business is inclined towards the mobile apps as it’s the most lucrative way to drive the feet of your customers to the business.
But merely an app is not everything that can bring the fruit to your bucket, it needs a lot to be done accompanied by the mobile app. The mobile app development process is a phased-manner process that involves various crucial steps to follow.
An app idea is the most basic & vital part that is followed by other important steps. Let’s consider some simple and effective steps about conceptualizing an effective app idea.

1   1. Analyze Your App Idea!
This is the most vital part which should be done by every individual or company before he/she heads further towards the next step. An in-depth research and analysis helps you to identify and eliminate the flaws of your idea, which in turn will help you to grow manifolds.
Never lose the interest in your idea if you find a plenty of which are similar to you already existing. Always remember it’s not a race of quickies rather it’s a race of persistence. The race is not about hitting the market first instead it’s about lasting for long. The moment you find an app similar to yours, always remember that before Google there’s Yahoo, and MySpace before Facebook and rest is the history. The battle is not about creating a unique app but is to improvise for the betterment.
Additionally, examine the potential of your idea by making a market research, for instance, if your app is about veteran soldiers, then remember there are about 90,000 veterans in USA.

2   2. Wireframe Your App Idea
Your app idea is ready, now it’s time to create a storyboard or wireframe in order to create a new and improve version of your application. It’s the time where you put yourself in the shoes of user, such as how would your app user feel when they launch your app in your device.

Wireframe is another important part where you have to consider both ends, the developers end & the user’s end. There are various parts which requires special attention, like the launch screen, the navigation, user’s redirection when he taps the button and much more.

Designers use Balsamiq tool, to create the wireframes as it is easy to use and provided with precision. Various mobile app development companies use PowerPoint Template to send the wireframes to the clients in order to get the relevant changes in their project.

Advantage of having a wireframe:

  1.        It helps you to develop and improvise your idea in crystallize manner.
  2.    It provides a line of work to your development team
  3.   It also helps you to showcase something about your project when you approach any investor or recruit people for your work.

3.  Develop A Robust Mobile App Business Plan
The most important part of your mobile app ideation should be about the strategy to generate the revenue out of something that’s what you have broken your sweat. The moment you decide that you’re equipped with something viable and it should be bagging the revenue for your business, then don’t waste even a moment. Make effort to create a successful app plan which can bring bucks to you as a business.

Why A Business App Plan is Necessary?
  1. This will provide you with a motive to do more with your app idea.
  2.  Business App Plan Will Bring You Revenue which in turn will motivate you with the expansion and improvisation.
  3.  If an ideal app plan is infused with a successful business strategy then it will become more transformative and beneficial to the human race.

Developing a mobile application is not a single thing that is sufficient instead it’s accompanied by different kind of steps and process which make competent and user-engaging mobile application. An ideal mobile app development company plays an extremely vital role in the whole process of ideation, conceptualization and articulation of an app idea into a stellar application.

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Penetration on Mobile App Marketing to Improve User Engagement

Although it was not astonishing that over 1.5 million apps are currently acquirable via App store and Play Store which has become quite challenging to get their app perceived such as Red Oceanwhich is the first step in order to fabricate the most imperishable gaming business.
As per Newzoo report, it has been notifiable that gamers managed to generate over $99.6 billion at the end of the year 2016 which is approximately 8.5% hike as compared to the year 2015.
Since apps are now an integral part of our daily lives analogously mobile app marketing has become the fundamental as far as brand is concerned. It demonstrates where and how to invest in order to enhance customer engagement and boost revenue.

Since there is no dearth of opportunities in apps market since it demonstrates the exponential growth in the number of competitors, hence the real challenge is to forbid the probability of getting your app vanished in the ocean. Although app store optimisation is the most obligatory step in order to get your app identified but even a well conducted app optimisation does not fulfil the requirement. 
Although it is quite fallacious if your app get downloaded in your customer’s phone, ensure nifty user experience and you are hitting the target. Although downloads can be considered as a lucrative key performance indicator but it demonstrates partial truth as far as the success of the app is concerned. Although there are comprehensive researches conducted regularly which reveals new insights what advances consumers to set up and participate with the mobile apps.

App discovery backed by elaboration but systematic plan of action
Although this has been a matter of concern to top mobile application development companies. It has been accepted by the marketers that consumers find new apps from the app store. This thought process is true upto certain extent. A good portion of people still hooked to the app store in order to find new apps. But it is not the only way to discover the app.

Search is considered to be the major source as far as app discovery is concerned. People can encounter your app in every stances for instance while engaging into an app, probing for any particular app, surfing a mobile browser or busy in watching a you Tube video.

This source of search has quite preoccupied with the local apps whereas reviews are the most prevalent one in case of tech apps. Although there are apps flooded in the app market which revealed the fact that over 3 million apps are yet to be downloaded as per Statista. After search, search ads play an important role to enable app discovery. Hence first and foremost step apart from search can be creation of effective ad formats in order to drive the app downloads. This would somehow pave the way of marketers to reconsider the brand approach once again.

Prioritise app engagement as well as re-engagement
Now that search ads not only raise the app visibility but also drives the app download. As per the comprehensive research conducted by various research firms, it revealed the fact that people will always turn up the app that simplifies theirlives but there is a flip side which accommodates the fact that apps are abandoned immediately after the transaction.

This become quite challenging for mobile app development companies to combat this situation, hence it is quite essential to testify the app with its value and utility. So, in case the apps are abandoned, top mobile application development companies are always prepared to take immediate action like arranging incentive for re-engaging the app like notifications of new features, exclusive or bonus card etc.

Understand the significance of app price
The most probable reason to download and install an app are recommendations by their reliable friends or close family members /family followed by comprehended level of fun/interest. But there is another reason apart from these factors i.e. price followed by description and feedback. Most of the people likely to pay nothing for an app until and unless the app is based on technology, finance etc.

Lay importance on app behaviour
What is the main idea behind one successful app and other one stagnant in this impulsive competition? The foremost reason is its attribute to make the life easier. Hence the key attributes to make it most frequently app is the clear notification followed by eye-catching designs as well as consistent user experience. Hence in order to enhance the app spending, these features must be prioritised. 

Intersection of web and apps
Although another issue that brands are expected to turn into bridging the gap between apps and web/mobile search. Google has manifested the concept of app indexing in order to make the life easier with mobile-friendly algorithm. App indexing foreparts your apps and return into the result pages via in-app purchases while users are mobile searches on Google. This is irrespective whether the app is installed or not, there would always be a Free or install button which would be next to the SERP.

Aforesaid are few of the concepts that are quite essential to recognize the mobile app marketing in order to improvise user acquisition.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Things to Know: Hiring Android App Developer

Since the dawn of the “app” age, these apps have created wide penetration on the smartphones as well as other devices like tablets, smartwatches and even health hardware devices. And in between this chaos and race to get the app, a common business owner struggles to find the right app developer for himself. While selecting the right app developer is very crucial because it is the developer which works on the project and he is the one who is responsible for the success and failure of the app.
And if you don’t have an app, you might be at the losing end, no matter how much revenue you generate. This way you are losing the new customer set that uses app as their primary helping hand in shopping and other business related activities.
Most of the times new business owners, get struck in the poor performance of the app developers, thereby facing loses or an unsuccessful app that has limited or no impact on the users of the business. So we have brought you the blog that will help you finding the right and top android app development company in India. Have a look.

Look for Portfolios
Getting to know about the apps that a developer can work upon is very important. This way you can conclude whether the developer can offer you what you are looking for. As humans have less attention span, even less than a goldfish! It is vital to get the best app and that needs to be trendy as well.
And therefore, app developer becomes even more important and their portfolios matter a lot. More than 60% odds are that users will download your app just by looking at it. Hence portfolios play a vital role in deciding whether what you want is possible and feasible by the company or the developer that you are planning to hire.

Client List
By checking the client list, you can judge that whether the developer has worked on a similar project as yours before you or not. This way you can predict whether the developer have some experience in the similar projects and technical skills.
Client testimonials also give you an idea about the reputation and promise keeping of the company, which is very important especially in aftersales support.  And this feedback is quite trustable because it coming from the end which has been associated with the developer in the past.

Client Involvement
This is certainly one of the most important aspect of the app development. Involving the client in the development process of the app is essential because this way you be in control of the app development and not the developer, which has mothing to do with your business. And therefore, it is only you who understands your business requirements.
And your presence in the development cycle of the app will benefit you. This way you can also nip any problem in the bud itself, thereby saving money and time. For example, if any feature or UI that you think is not perfect, you can request the developer to change there and then instead of telling it after the complete development process is over.

Development Platforms
It is important these days to verify the development platform of the app. With a number of choices available, and all of them their own set of pros and cons, it is vital to select the right platform for your app. Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic and Native are some of the most popular app development platforms that is being used by top android app development company in India. And you should know the platform on which your app is being developed.

Want and Android app?
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First Thing First: Small Steps in App Development

Looking to the top downloaded apps on the different app stores, developers and mobile app development companies often misunderstood that starting big will lead to successful app, which is not true at all. The first thing that every developer must do is ask himself that do people need the app the he is going to develop. Consolidating the need of the app is the first step always in app development. Because unless there is no need of the app, no one is going to download the app, no matter how good it may be.
Starting low is the key in app development. You don’t need to invest a huge sum of money in new gamble unless you don’t understand the audience and market, good news for freelance developers and start-up mobile app development companies, isn’t it? Yes, it is the easy way to start the business, by simply pouring in the money. But it is not always necessary to bring in huge capital. With low profile beginning you can get your app downloads.

Small Market
Start with small markets. Narrow down your market by analysing the customer base. Considering large audience in a single project will increase the budget to a significant level, thereby increasing the chance of bankruptcy if the project fails. Instead you can start with small audience, which will be the best test for your app.
We can take the example of Facebook, which was based using the same formula. Zuckerberg, stared Facebook for Harvard University students, later when he found the product to be good enough, he released all over the world. Or the internet itself, although in a different sense, it was used by DoD initially and later released for the common masses.
Small audience can be like a laboratory to your business strategy and technical implementations. You will get a chance to improve yourself a lot. This be a trial and error method for you to craft out the best app for the real market.

Going Personal
If you don’t want to go for paid ads for your new project, you can opt for self-promotion or even better by going personal. This way, you will be able to understand your customers better. Moreover, this will lead to great connection between you and your potential customers.
There are always customers out there are trying to get something new. By this you can take care of flaws in your app or in your complete business strategy. Your friends, relatives and dear ones can be vital here. They can help you get initial kick. You can start increasing the customer base every week by getting better app user interface and other features.
Similarly using local resources is key in this strategy, such as local media for the promotion of the app, when you reach at that level where you need publicity.

Foot Note
It is common to hear that idea is the only thing that matters in the app field, but that not true at all points. Candy Crush, for instance is not a unique idea, but yet it is a successful app. which clearly indicated that quality and perfection is the first thing that needs to focused. Hitting the right idea is an advancing strategy but not is not mandatory for you get the unique idea at the first stroke. Moreover, considering the size of the app stores, which seems saturated already.
And starting with low steps will help you to get the pace even before you actually hit the market and the potential audience.

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