Monday, 6 March 2017

First Thing First: Small Steps in App Development

Looking to the top downloaded apps on the different app stores, developers and mobile app development companies often misunderstood that starting big will lead to successful app, which is not true at all. The first thing that every developer must do is ask himself that do people need the app the he is going to develop. Consolidating the need of the app is the first step always in app development. Because unless there is no need of the app, no one is going to download the app, no matter how good it may be.
Starting low is the key in app development. You don’t need to invest a huge sum of money in new gamble unless you don’t understand the audience and market, good news for freelance developers and start-up mobile app development companies, isn’t it? Yes, it is the easy way to start the business, by simply pouring in the money. But it is not always necessary to bring in huge capital. With low profile beginning you can get your app downloads.

Small Market
Start with small markets. Narrow down your market by analysing the customer base. Considering large audience in a single project will increase the budget to a significant level, thereby increasing the chance of bankruptcy if the project fails. Instead you can start with small audience, which will be the best test for your app.
We can take the example of Facebook, which was based using the same formula. Zuckerberg, stared Facebook for Harvard University students, later when he found the product to be good enough, he released all over the world. Or the internet itself, although in a different sense, it was used by DoD initially and later released for the common masses.
Small audience can be like a laboratory to your business strategy and technical implementations. You will get a chance to improve yourself a lot. This be a trial and error method for you to craft out the best app for the real market.

Going Personal
If you don’t want to go for paid ads for your new project, you can opt for self-promotion or even better by going personal. This way, you will be able to understand your customers better. Moreover, this will lead to great connection between you and your potential customers.
There are always customers out there are trying to get something new. By this you can take care of flaws in your app or in your complete business strategy. Your friends, relatives and dear ones can be vital here. They can help you get initial kick. You can start increasing the customer base every week by getting better app user interface and other features.
Similarly using local resources is key in this strategy, such as local media for the promotion of the app, when you reach at that level where you need publicity.

Foot Note
It is common to hear that idea is the only thing that matters in the app field, but that not true at all points. Candy Crush, for instance is not a unique idea, but yet it is a successful app. which clearly indicated that quality and perfection is the first thing that needs to focused. Hitting the right idea is an advancing strategy but not is not mandatory for you get the unique idea at the first stroke. Moreover, considering the size of the app stores, which seems saturated already.
And starting with low steps will help you to get the pace even before you actually hit the market and the potential audience.

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