Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What Benefits can you derive from Geo-location based Mobile Applications??

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There is no limit to technological advancement, something which the mobile app developers have realised soon enough to exploit the mobile technology which is such a field that is under rapid expansion spreading across varied domains, exploring untouched areas and launching unimaginable innovations. Mobile device has raised quite a revolution in the telecom industry surprising users with continuous blow of brand new features and applications.

The geo-location mobile technology is one such feature that identifies the correct location of any mobile device, be it a smart phone, tablet or a laptop. The concept is very similar to that of GPS or global Positioning System with minute points of differences lying between the two.

Geo-location based mobile application development services are highly beneficial rendering location based services to its many users.

This particular feature in mobile application benefits both consumers and service providers alike.

Location based mobile apps covers a whole range of categories that includes:

      Social media
      Information Services

Allow me to elucidate how consumers and service providers stand to win through Geo-location based mobile applications??

American based coffee house, Starbucks, can be cited here as an example of how a company makes use of Geo-location based mobile application development services to offer customized service to its customers and, in return, prosper economically.

This coffee giant incorporates Geolocation mobile technology to collect remarkable sets of data on their visiting customers in rendering customized sales service to offer many perks, rewards and discounts as well.

Mobile developers harness the benefits of such location based mobile applications in facilitating their clients better cater to their end users’ requirements by generating relevant products at the right place and time.

We know that smartphone users have wholeheartedly embraced the first generation of geolocation based mobile services. We can provide a whole range of such examples out of which Google Maps apps for locating direction has remained in the top list till date.

If we undergo a survey on location based services, we can get pretty much surprised by the inferences deduced from such an inspection. Likewise, Pew research centre’s research result showed about 74% of the adult Smartphone users harness geolocation installed on their device to get directions and other related information directly connecting to their current locations.

From customers’ point of view, we can enlighten the benefits obtained from geolocation apps by citing the examples of few such mobile applications that function on such a technology.

    Taxi applications- Taking rides in taxis booked through apps like Uber has become quite a trend. Tracking the smartphone's location via geolocation tracker is used for booking a cab from a certain point to the drop-in location and fare generation for the ride.

    Augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go- The player’s location is tracked to give an effective localized experience on playing the game.

    Online order and delivery of food items- Geolocation application helps user search for local restaurants for online order of food and also helps them to track the status of your order. Also the delivery charge is calculated based on the app user location.

    Tracking of online purchased goods- Products purchased online can be easily tracked with the help of this application and also have knowledge on any shipping charges whether attached through this app.

    Beneficial to dating apps- Social Dating app make use of these location based app to fix dates near to the user’s location.
    Navigation tool- For travelers, this application offers valuable suggestions on different venues and places of interest, also reviews on such locations. Moreover this option guides travelers to opt for the right path to choose when the user is on the move.

Wrapping Up

Geo-location based mobile app development services have proved to be the most sought after applications, highly preferred by present generation to enjoy the services that are customized fitting to their location and specification. Also, such apps help in navigation and locating destinations.

Fluper, a top-rated mobile app development company, design geo-location based applications for the service providers so that they can enjoy the fruits of this technology to enhance their customer service, offering customized and customer interest specific assistance.

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Monday, 23 October 2017

Track your calorie intake with the popular yet free calorie counter apps

Have you ever realized that the youth of today suffers from obesity issues more compared to their elders?  What is the reason behind health issues such as obesity, laziness, diabetes etc especially among the Gen X?? Mobile technology with its unending applications is the main culprit responsible for pushing the younger generation into leading an unfit life. Too much time employed on the smartphone is directly responsible for such rising issues. Mobile application development companies, however, have designed calorie counter mobile applications to fight the social issues. Technology is really funny in the sense that it develops antidotes to counter the venom spread by it first.

So, which are the popular applications countering calorie intake available in the app stores??

MyFitnessPal- One of the popular calorie tracker application designed by both Android app developers and iOS mobile application development companies aids in achieving the desired goal for you to minimize calorie intake by recommending daily diet chart with maximum calorie intakes throughout the day categorized into breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All the entries made in the application is saved in ‘Diary’, represents graphically the ‘Progress’ made on a daily basis and ‘Nutrition’ paints a detailed picture on calorie intake for every meal that you take. Ad free version also comes with additional features like file export, setting different goals for each day, and food analysis among many others.

MyNetDiary- Yet another application available designed by mobile developers for both Android and iOS users, it is quite identical to MyFitnessPal application but surpass it in aesthetic features offering beautiful interface and nice animations. All you need to do is feed in the details of your daily food intake and the application will help you to track on the calories intake per meal. Also, the app creates a “Calorie Budget” on your behalf that measures the number of calories that you must consume per day in order to achieve your desired target along with a calorie analysis and weight chart based on your exercise routine entered into the app. For motivation, keep your before and after images in the application. Pay $39.99 annually to access more features like linking more apps, detailed nutrient analysis, detailed body and health charts, etc.

My Diet Diary- To begin your journey with the app, first enter your credentials such as age, gender, eight, current weight, goals, desired weight, and the date by which you want to accomplish your target. Then you will likely to face couple of questions such as whether you have diabetes or not to make the application plan accordingly. Similar to the predecessors, enter the food items consumed by you either by searching or scanning their barcodes, your water consumption, exercise, and log your weight occasionally. ‘Daily Diary’ is a feature that allows you to see both the number of calories consumed and those yet to be consumed along with the minutes exercised and the calories burned. Plan your diet accordingly with detailed analysis under ‘Charts’ to track your weekly and monthly weight, calories, exercises, and steps. Communities such as weight loss & dieting, nutrition, healthy cooking, exercise & fitness allow people to gather and discuss to solve calorie issues.

FatSecret- This mobile application development service counters calorie intake that works on a similar logic as that of its predecessors involving the entry of few of your personal details such as current weight, gender, activity level, height, and the weight that you are aspiring to gain. The app has a ‘Diary’ feature that stores such information on calories that you are still left to take for the day to reach the set target, also tracking the calories you have taken so far. This is the same place where you keep adding food intakes throughout the day and the application will deduct the number of calories from the day’s goal directly. The ‘Reports’ tab displays a chart of the calories you have consumed so far along with the macros and nutrients information for the same. Also, you can share your progress with your dietitian, trainer, or doctor and can link your account with Google Fit with Fitbit to sync calories burned and steps taken throughout your day. Export the diary as a PDF file to save for future reference.

Cronometer- Similar to the others in the list, this calorie tracker application functions on the similar logic offering you a platform to input details such as the food items consumed throughout the day, also list the exercises performed if any. The app will calculate the net calories that you gained or lost accordingly. Thus you can keep an eye on the number of calories that you must take for the day in order to reach your daily target prescribed by Chronometer. Also view the detailed macros consumed by you and the individual targets decided for all. Further track your progress using the detailed calorie charts and nutritional reports available in the app.

Wrapping Up

Couples up calorie counter applications with diet and workout apps to get maximum result in the shortest possible time. So, if you have to deck up beautifully before an occasion and your belly fat is likely to create an obstruction, you know where to get help at a reasonable rate.

VR embedded mobile apps designed for health and fitness has been stressed upon more due to the many health crisis that crops up owing to the unstable lifestyle led by people nowadays.

Fluper, a top-rated mobile app development company in Dubai, seek to design such appsfor healthcare to meet the rising demand in the consumer market.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

2017 presents 8 best android blogging apps for budding bloggers

Are you interested in sharing your views across?? Begin your journey with Blog writing. Google is out there to help you share your written articles and blogs across social media through the blogging applications designed by the android mobile app developers available in the market.

Android operating system has never failed to surprise users. The Google Play store is gradually expanding with myriad options, offering thousands of mobile applications suiting to individual specific requirement. For budding bloggers and writers, as well, there are some best android blogging apps that you can seriously consider giving a try.
With the unfaltering growth in the number of mobile developers designing blog apps, it has become almost impossible for users to distinguish the most appropriate ones amongst them.

Allow me to help you narrow down your chosen list.

I have presented a list of 8 best android blogging applications that have made to the top for 2017.

✓  Tumblr- It is a microblogging android platform allowing users to perform myriad tasks right from posting text, images, video links, and quotes on their personal tumblr blog to following other tumblr blogs as well as viewing their posts on the Dashboard, also reblog posts so that it shows up on users’ own tumblr blog. This application is capable of saving drafts, queuing posts, customizing tweets, and enabling user to find and follow people from the device’s address book.

✓  WordPress- This is one of the best blog platform android application developers can think of which, in turn, holds the capability to enable users compose, edit and publish new lengthy text based posts on their blog, being fast and sleek though works best on tablets owing to their broader display. Monitoring site statistics/analytics, visitor behaviors, site usage, read posts in reader section is also possible on its platform. This application supports both WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs.

✓  Blogger- Another great application for Android users, made to the top list, allow users to handle their blogspot powered blog posts, edit exists posts, published posts, view the list of published, drafted posts, adding images, location and labels to blog entries and track their blog performance and statistics. User can simply use their Google credentials to log in and start blogging.

✓ LiveJournal- This mobile blogging application, like the others, gives users access to their journals via smartphone or tablet. This application caters to a wide range of tasks right from posting entries, manage comments, manage posts published, and compose drafts so that they can be posted when ready to share it across with their contacts. Also, articles can be posted to communities including photos, and create and post polls.

✓ Flipboard- Flipboard is another example for budding bloggers enabling users to easily stay in touch with new stories, news, videos and images around the world and remain connected with their social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter to watch what others are posting and share posts with them.

 ✓  Posterous Spaces- Developed by Posterous, this app gives a lot of importance on privacy and security, allowing users to manage their spaces similar to tumble blogs that offers the user with option to upload a single picture or several of them at a time, also sharing videos or text posts across this platform. Many spaces can be created as well as spaces for groups allowing other users involved for their valuable contribution. This application allows users to decide with whom they are willing to share their spaces with.

✓ Blogger-droid- The Blogger-droid app, developed by an individual mobile application developer, Anders Hedström, is not as popular in comparison to its official counterpart yet it serves pretty much the same purpose. A lot of similar functions can be performed on its platform such as new article creation, view, and edit blog posts on the individual Blogger blog. Also uploading and adding images to such entries, selecting the size and quality of the uploaded pictures and schedule posts in queue ahead of time along with setting date and time for the entry to be published etc. are all catered to in this application.

✓  Google Drive- Google Drive powered by Google Inc. is a free service that permits uploading of data files such as office & PDF documents, music files, images, and videos, etc. to a maximum limit of 15GB date in its drive for one Google account. Begin blogging by sharing uploaded files publicly anywhere else on the web.

Wrapping Up

The above mentioned lists of 8 android blogging applications are some of the best ones you can choose from and enjoy blogging and sharing your creation across. You can cut off the waiting hours to reach a PC or laptop just to upload your fresh content. Such android application developers enable you to instantly publish and share even when you are traveling through your smart phone.

Use them and do let me know which one proved to the best option for you.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development company, owns a well-maintained blog site and also facilitates blog application development process for the clients.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Top 9 mobile app development features currently trending in Dubai market

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We have often spoken about the mobile application development services in general. But the question remains here whether such services acquire a change of status as soon as they cross the national borders? Is it possible the factors which are trending in a particular nation are equally applicable in other countries??

To respond to these questions, we need to explore the different mobile application development factors that are currently trending in Dubai market and all our doubt will get cleared automatically.

Let’s begin with:

  1.   Importance of UI and UX- The design and app user experience are primary factors that necessitate a proper designing of a mobile application for the mobile application development companies. Usually, app users prefer opting for mobile applications that govern the effective display of the data and meaningful content of the app interface.

  2. Wearable gadgets- Collaboration between smartphones and wearable devices are exerting a lasting impact on mobile app development strategies adopted by the mobile developers in UAE. Both Apple and Microsoft are trying their best to give a different outlook to the basic wearables by incorporating them into different sectors of fitness, fashions, sports, healthcare, and hobbies. The smartwatches like those of Apple are posing a threat to the future of the smartphones.

  3.   Shift to Swift programming language- It has already been proven that Swift is the perfect open source coding language replacing Objective-C especially for the applications designed for mobile devices and tablets. Language is the very spine for mobile application development.

  4.   Internet of things- There has been a lot of buzz on new technologies such IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality in the technology world. Gartner reported that by the year 2020, more than 26 billion devices will be connected by the Internet of things such as LED light bulbs, toys, sports equipment etc. The smart devices will work remotely to control most of the domestic devices.

  5.   Artificial Intelligence- This technology is more or less similar to that of an internet of things where the electrical devices are bestowed with an artificial intelligence to perform tasks independent of any human intervention. The combination of the same AI technology and the mobile applications is revolutionizing the technology taking it to the next level altogether. Few examples of such mobile app technology are Google Assistance and the Cortana from the Microsoft and the Siri from Apple.

  6.   Augmented and virtual reality- Though these two technologies were initially more used in the Gaming mobile application development process has gradually started entering the mCommerce applications. Companies such as IKEA, Lenskart, and Caratlane.com etc. have started using these applications where users can try out the products that they are purchasing online in virtual trial rooms. It is highly likely they are going to dominate the mobile technology in the near future.

   7.   Cross platforms for mobile apps- Cross-platform development tools play a major role in the app development in Dubai stressing more on minimal cost and high-speed mobile applications and are mostly based on common programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

   8.   Cloud computing for mobile apps- Such applications allows users to save their crucial data on the centralized servers to be extracted or fetched for later use on any of clients’ mobile devices without occupying unnecessary space in their personal mobile phone.

   9.   Location-based services with iBeacons- Smartphones with location sensor capabilities make use of methods such as iBeacons to locate the user data featuring GeoTagging, Vehicle Navigation, Games and the fitness apps.


Mobile technology has practically touched every nook and corner of this planet and it is highly likely that technology has managed to infiltrate every single household, differing only in the time taken for such applications to get incorporated fully. Mobile application development companies in Dubai has already started exploiting the modern technology in an attempt to keep pace with the changing situation to give a taste of modernity to the citizens.

Fluper, one of the top-rated mobile app development companies in Dubai, has proven its competency in designing such innovative applications that are thickly coated in creativity incorporating the latest technology in their mobile application development process.

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