Monday, 20 November 2017

Wait up!!! What if you could Fly Planes using Smartphone?

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Yes, you read it right, being a child we all loved to fly paper planes which eventually used to drop down immediately but still, it felt so good. Well, the digital age generation gets to fly them and control them as well. 

The literal meaning of drone is a male bee for it sky is the limit and so is for the kids of the digital age. Drone is also known as unmanned aircraft vehicles; they were originally built for military use. 

Here is a fact; the term drone was opposed by the aviation professionals so now it’s referred as UAVs. They are seen in business to cover a particular event because of the camera placed on the top of the UAV and can be either controlled by control panel made using
android application development or instructed computers. Multiple applications can be seen for UAV. For example 



-Passenger vehicle

-Delivery purpose

Let’s check out top UAV apps….

·        UAV forecast
Every country has its rules and regulations and the sky doesn’t have strong boundaries like land. Hence it is very necessary to know the coverage area of your flight. This mobile app developer makes sure that you could get all the possible information required to take off your UAV.  As per your location, it gives the forecast for visibility, wind speed, temperature etc. The application is used to identify no-fly zones.

·        Hover
The mobile app development at Hover have made the UAV controlling very efficient. Apart from providing the navigation of no-fly zone, it also provides international no-fly zone by Flight logs are also covered by this application along flight readiness indicator. The entire forecast is covered by this application with details like wind speed, direction and rain condition. Constant news feeds are telecasted by the application as well.

·        B4UFly
This application helps the pilot fly his UAV within the law and focuses on keeping the pilot away from any trouble that can involve judgment over their action. It is more of a warning app which indicates you with the prohibited areas. This application is only accessible in the USA.

·        AirMap
The above-mentioned apps are providing the basic features so, AirMap had to come up with the new feature. They focused on the safety of the UAVs, it enables you to view pilot profile, gives you access to airspace data with super fast vector map, Flight notifications are given in form of digital files and real-time alerts.

·        Drone Assist
This application is for UK region only. The Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic Control joined hands to launch this application and thousands of drone pilots downloaded this application. This application again provides caution notification and helps to keep the pilot away from the prohibited area.

 To Sum Up

UAVs have not able to reach the fancy stage of a particular invention but it’s evolving. It has been in use by the military for a long time. NASA uses it to have samples from other planet monitored. In media coverage, its used commercially and photographers make use of these UAVs for covering an event from the top. The popularity of drones will come into the market after a way is found to make it available for common people. Many big sharks have opened their doors to explore the innovation in this area and mobile application development companies will be looked upon for a user end application.

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